Quincy, IL ~ 2nd Annual Field of Honor® 2015

November 10-13, 2015, Illinois Veterans’ Home, 10th and Locust Street, Quincy, Illinois 62301

Dennis - Field of Honor

The Quincy Exchange Club win again join with the Colonial Flag Foundation in presenting a dramatic Field of Honor® flag display this Veterans’ Day.  An beautiful panorama of U.S. flags will greet visitors at Quincy’s Field of Honor® Flag Display which will take place this coming November 10th through the 13th.

Walking amid the flags visitors will view a stirring vista that will create a lasting memory as we honor our veterans, and at the conclusion of the display the flags will be used in the Flags of Honor neighborhood flag display program. Subscription to have flags posted at individual homes on significant flag flying holidays will be available for $30 per year.

All are invited to visit the Field of Honor® display and to support the Quincy Exchange Club in presenting an event that will draw area residents together honoring those who have served us to protect our freedom.  The Field of Honor® flag display event and the Flags of Honor neighborhood flag display program promote the display of the Stars and Stripes throughout the Quincy community. Thank you for your support!

Benefiting Charities:

Quincy Exchange Club Foundation

Hosted By:
Exchange Club of Quincy Illinois
Local Organizing Committee:
Committee Chair: Art Awerkamp
Co-Chair: Dennis Koch
Program Chair: Dennis Koch
Treasurer: Dennis Koch
Volunteer: Joel Koch
PR Chair: Kyle Awerkamp
Field Coordinator Chair: Brian Koch
Logistics: Steve Green