Help Us Help Others

Donations bring inspiring flag displays to communities while raising funds for local charities.

As a non-profit foundation, CFF is a charity raising funds for other charities. Donations to the one benefit many.

Local committees raise awareness for their groups and causes while drawing their community together for an inspiring event.

Donations to CFF bring inspiring flag displays to communities located from coast to coast and from border to border.

Events provide a proven platform to raise funds for worthwhile charities and proceeds remain and benefit local communities.

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How You Can Help

Donate directly to Colonial Flag Foundation here. Donations help the Foundation and local Healing Field® and Field of Honor® events.



Bentonville, AR 2020 – Field of Honor®

Bentonville’s Tourism Bureau describes the city succinctly, “There is a place that is unquestionably unique but also strangely familiar.”…

Mesquite, NV 2019 – Field of Honor®

Each flag honors an individual and tell one of the many stories that combined give Old Glory its meaning.

Mariposa, CA 2019 – Field of Honor®

The Mariposa County Museum and History Center, one of the benefiting charities of the 5th Annual Field of Honor® event, provides the appropriate setting for a display of United States Flags that creates a memorable experience for local residents and visitors to the National Park.

Keller, TX 2019 – Field of Honor®

One thousand seven hundred and seventy six (1776)  U.S. flags, purchased by those who wish to honor their hero, will be flown in a North Texas Field of Honor®

Merced, CA 2019 – Field of Honor®

The “Field of Honor” is one way of saying “Thank You” for the service they have provided on our behalf.

Cathedral City, CA 2019 – Healing Field®

Cathedral City’s Rotary Club presents a unique experience each November with the transformation of the city’s Patriot Park into an amazing display of United States flags that fit the park’s name precisely.

This foundation is Amazing! We MUST remember our HEROES!

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We Hear About The Impact

We love to visit our events when possible, because walking amidst the rows and columns of flags we meet wonderful people who are anxious to share their excitement in experiencing a Healing Field® or Field of Honor® massive display of U.S. flags. Our local hosting organizations also share their same experiences with us. We have learned repeatedly that it is only when volunteers and visitors walk among the flags that the impact of the display can be really appreciated.


Watching a family escort their World War II veteran grandfather to see the flag which honors him as their hero, is a /touching experience. Listening as a young girl calls to her mother, “Here a flag with a tag honoring an eight-year-old girl, just like me.” These and so many more experiences give our efforts meaning.


“That the mature may remember and the youth may learn” is a phrase which explain the impact our flag displays have on communities.



Bentonville, AR 2020 – Field of Honor®

November 9, 2020
1100 NE John Deschields BLVD
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Mesquite, NV 2019 – Field of Honor®

November 10, 2019
100 W. Old Mill Road, Mesquite NV 89027
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Mariposa, CA 2019 – Field of Honor®

November 10, 2019
Mariposa Museum & History Center
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