9/11 ~ 20th Anniversary Commemoration Challenge Coin

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Twenty years ago, on September 11, 2001, three determined firemen managed to raise the American flag on a mangled flagpole amid the vast destruction at ground zero At that moment individuals across the country saw the first sign of hope raising from the ashes. From that powerful image of hope and strength woven in the stars and stripes came the inspiration for the first Healing Field display of flags. On the first anniversary of the 9.11 terrorist attacks, over 3,000 flags were posted on a grassy park in Sandy, UT. One flag-one life. A memorial tribute in red, white, and blue offering hope and healing to the family & friends of each victim and in-turn the entire country.


This commemorative coin embodies the strength, unity, hope and healing that we all experienced that day, 20 years ago. This beautiful keepsake coin was made to honor those who died, those who served and those who have carried on.

Offer the coins for sale at your event or thank your sponsors and volunteers with this memorable gift.

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Coins are 1 3/4-inch two-sided 3D carved die struck bronze.

Printed on the front side of the coin

Center: 9/11 20 Years

Center: Healing Field Flag Display

Pentagon, Towers & Flight 03 symbols

Printed on the back side of the coin

Center: Remember the day we lost so many… and stood together

Center: Colonial Flag Foundation Heart Logo

Top Border: Healing Field & Field of Honor Flag Display

Bottom Border: One Nation Under God