Indianapolis, IN ~ 2015 Flags For Honor

September 20-27, 2015

Situated at the center of Indianapolis on a grassy field adjacent to the Indiana War Memorial, the Indianapolis Flags For Honor display of United States Flags will pay solemn tribute to those who protect and defend us at home and around the world. One of more than 40 Colonial Flag Foundation flag display events situated in communities throughout the United States this year, this inspirational Field of Honor® formation of the Stars and Stripes will stand posted for the week beginning on the 20th of September. This sea of red, white and blue will present a beautiful panorama positioned appropriately in front of the War Memorial building. Our veterans and the active duty military have and continue to defend our nation in a dangerous world, while police, fire fighters and paramedics serve and protect us at home. They have earned our thanks and recognition, which is demonstrated visually in this inspiring and memorable display.
Flags may be sponsored to honor individuals for $25. We invite all to support and visit the Flags For Honor event.

To sponsor/purchase a flag, or become an event sponsor go HERE


Benefiting Charities:

American Legion Legacy Scholarship

Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair – Beth Carr
Co-Chair – Jeff Carr
Day Care Pledge 3

Hanover flag and kids