Huntington, WV 4th Annual Healing Field® ~ 2014

September 9-14, 2014

The Greater Hunting Park & Recreation District (GHPRD) will host its 4th Annual Healing Field® flag display in memory of the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks as they also commemorate Spring Hill Cemetery’s 140th Anniversary.  Thousands of American Flags will be on display September 9th thru 14th, 2014.  Now becoming an annual tradition, this memorable display of the Stars and Stripes will bring the Huntington Community together with a variety of events and ceremonies in the days following Patriot Day.  All are invited to become part of history by purchasing and posting your Healing Field® flag for just $35. For more information call 304.696.5954 or visit
Kevin Brady, Executive Director of the Greater Huntington Parks and Recreation District noted, “It truly does have a healing power about it.  It amazed me . . . when we set it up and put it up.  They’re flags.  They’re just flags, but when you come out and experience it and walk through the flags it takes on some type of spiritual power.”  Join with is in walking through the field of flags and experience the power of a Healing Field® display for yourself.

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Benefiting Charities:
Spring Hill Cemetery Memorial Bell Tower Foundaition

Hosted By:

Local Organizing Committee:

Project Chair: Kevin Brady

Co-Chair – Eldora McCoy

Fundraiser Chair – Tiffany Chapman

PR Chair – Renee Watterson

Program Chair – Stacey Leep

Field Coordinator Chair – Scott Miller