Hornell, NY ~ 6th Annual Field of Honor® 2016

November 9-13, 2016
1 Steuben Square, Hornell, NY 14843

The tradition continues as Saint Ann’s Academy hosts the 6th Hornell Field of Honor® flag display during the days surrounding Veterans Day. Posted in honor our veterans and military hundreds of flags will brings volunteers and visitors together in an inspiring display that has become an anticipated annual event. All are invited to experience walking through a field where row after row of the Stars and Stripes fly atop seven and a half foot white staffs. The Hornell Field of Honor® will be posted on Steuben Square from Wednesday, November 9th through Monday, November 13th. Please join us as we walk through this inspiring formation of U.S. flags that will create a lasting memory as we pay tribute to America’s veterans.

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Online flag sales have been discontinued.  Thank you for your support!  

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PLEASE NOTE: All sponsored flags will be shipped directly to host committee. Disregard standardized message on receipt, “order shipped” Flags available for pickup or direct shipping after the event.

Benefiting Charities:
St. Ann’s Academy
Hosted By:
St. Ann’s Academy
Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair: Laura Picco
Co-Chair: Penny Gray
Treasurer/Fundraiser Chair: Dave Gray
PR Chair: Joan Coleman

Thanks to Our Sponsors!

Colonial Flag Foundation

Robyn Baty Photography - www.robynbaty.com

Robyn Baty Photography – www.robynbaty.com