Homefront® Flag Program

The Homefront® flag display will benefit your community on many levels

Create that “Homefront” feeling in your neighborhood while building awareness for your Club and raising funds for your programs.  Colonial Flag Foundation will show you how.


Our team has experience and resources to guide your Kiwanis Club in creating a successful Homefront® Flag Display that will benefit your community on many levels.  Flags flying from individual homes or businesses create a visual impact honoring our nation’s shared history, values, and aspirations, while proclaiming a message of hope in the future.

Raise funds for your organization

Raise funds for your organization while providing a great service to your community. The success of the Homefront® flag program can be attributed to four factors:

  • Easy to sell
    • Members of the community like to support charitable causes and unite the community with patriotic endeavors.
  • Easy to implement
    • With 20 years experience Colonial Flag Foundation has the means, know how, tools and product to create and support this perpetual fundraising program that will become a lasting legacy.
  • Patriotic
    • Your community will appreciate seeing the dramatic display created by using this fundraiser.
  • Incredible profit
    • Ongoing perpetual income (90% retention).


  • Online Homefront Flag Program® Guide
  • E-commerce and accounting
  • URL for online credit card payments
  • Weekly reporting of new subscriptions
  • Customer data
  • Perpetual income opportunity

Each single flag kit includes:

    • 7.5’ Custom made, custom made flagpole with a gold ball finial 
    • 3’x5’ Poly/cotton U.S. flag 
    • Epoxy-coated ground anchor
    • Flag attachments

Flag and Kit made in the U.S.A.

Yes, we provide Kiwanis clubs a discounted Homefront product store.

We offer everything from:

  • U.S. Flag Kits & Porch Kits
  • Flag Kit Replacement Parts
  • Installers
  • Flag Kit Upgrades

You may click here to view all our product and pricing.

There is a minimum order of 10 flag kits.   

• 10 – 7.5’ sturdy white patriotic fundraiser flagpole with gold vinyl ball
• 10 – 3’x5’ poly-cotton U.S. flag
• 10 – Epoxy-coated rebar post
• 10 – 20 flag attachments

*This Kit also includes one heavy duty shipping tube per 10 flag kits for long term storage*

Minimum purchase of 10 | Shipping cost is not included 

Your organization sets the subscription fee for your customers, but make sure you set your price appropriate for your community.

Shipping depends on the size of your order.   It can be shipped in storage tubing via UPS or Fed Ex or on pallets through an interstate carrier.

  • President’s Day
  • Civil Rights Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Flag Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Patriot Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Pearl Harbor Day

Various State Holidays

If you are interested in hosting a Healing Field® or Field of Honor® flag display program in your community, please contact your team at Colonial Flag Foundation 866-375-3524.


Only approved organizations that are registered and licensed with the Colonial Flag Foundation have permission to use Trademarked names and patented business and program methods.

Homefront Flag Program has incredible profit opportunity

Sample: Year one, single subscription breakdown

  • $50 Annual Flag Subscription
  • Flag Kit purchase $23
  • $27 Profit Per Subscription

Sample: Year Two, single subscription breakdown

  • $50 Annual Flag Subscription
  • 10% maintenance fee
  • $45 profit per subscription (90% of sales)
  • E-commerce and accounting
  • URL for online credit card payments
  • Weekly reporting of new subscriptions
  • Customer data
  • **Coming Soon** Routing map

Homefront Product Store