Flagstaff, AZ ~ 6th Annual Healing Field®

April 1 – 6, 2015


2015 Marks the 6th Annual Healing Field® display hosted by Flagstaff’s Exchange Club. Once again, this event raises awareness for the tragic suffering experienced by the victims of child neglect and abuse. Special blue ribbon flags will stand in a solemn formation to acknowledge and remember the innocent and helpless children that society has failed to protect. “These are America’s children, this is America’s responsibility.”

All are invited to visit and support this touching memorial. Please unite with the Flagstaff Exchange Club in the determination to save children from abuse. Those who cannot protect themselves look to us, and we cannot look away.
Benefiting Charities:
Exchange Club of Flagstaff Foundation
Hosted By:
Exchange Club of Flagstaff
Local Organizing Committee:
Judy Bippus
Cheryl Coronado-Bruton
Leo Conoscente