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Lynchburg, VA 2020 – Field of Honor®

August 30September 12

6 Millace Dr Lynchburg, VA

Due to the current circumstances with COVID-19 the Lynchburg, VA,  Field of Honor® Flag display has been “postponed” until 2021.

Please continue to check back for updates and announcements.

6 Millrace Drive, Lynchburg, VA 24502

Bringing their 3rd Annual Field of Honor® Flag Display to Lynchburg, Forest’s Rotary Club benefits the City of Seven Hills on multiple levels.  The display of 1,000 flags creates the most obvious visible impact, not only for visitors to the field but also for those who drive past along Graves Mill Road.

Response to the scene of red, white & blue of the flags flying on the green clearing attest to the affection Virginians have for their national flag.  The display brings organizers, volunteers and area residents together in paying tribute to those who have honored the flag by their service and sacrifice.

The victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the first responders who rushed to their aid deserve to be honored, and those who have risked all to defend and protect us have earned our abiding gratitude.

Field of Honor® flags fly to honor the men and women who have defended our nation around the world. The number of surviving World War II veterans grows smaller each day, and the decades have flown past since our military served on the battlefields of Korea and Vietnam.

In the years since the terrorist attacks of 2001 our military members have waged war against terror in the Middle East. The fall of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center highlighted the sacrifices of first responders who ignored danger in an effort to save others.  Heroes honor the flag and it is fitting that the Healing Field® display of the flag should honor them.

The Field of Honor® event provides an added level of benefit for the Lynchburg community by raising funds for local charities.  Proceeds not only made the event possible but enabled the Rotary Club of Forest Foundation to support local charities.

At the close of the event, sponsors will retain the flags they dedicated to honor individuals. The Lynchburg display is a gift to the community made possible through donations, sponsorships and the efforts of many dedicated volunteers. You can show your support and appreciation by sponsoring a flag or by making a donation.

The panorama of red, white and blue flying in the foothills of the Blue Ridge is hard to adequately describe, but once experienced it is not to be forgotten. This is an event not to be missed.

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Due to the current circumstances with COVID-19 the Lynchburg, VA,  Field of Honor® Flag display has been “postponed” until 2021.

Please continue to check back for updates and announcements.

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In The News

In The News

Community remembers 9/11 victims at Field of Honor
abc 13 news
FOREST, Va. (WSET) — The community came together at the Field of Honor to remember the people killed on 9/11 and to honor first responders and veterans.

Forest Rotary brings back Field of Honor with 1,200 American flags 
10 News Working for you

FOREST, Va. – The Forest Rotary Club brought back its Field of Honor event along Graves Mill Road near Lynchburg, , helping the community heal and saying, “Thank you.”

There’s 1,200 American flags spread out on the healing field.

Field of Honor: Sgt. Brian Smith 
VA Talk Radio Network
Head of Lynchburg Police Department’s Tactical Unit Sgt. Brian Smith joined the program live from Forest Rotary Club’s Field of Honor to talk about training day at the Field of Honor, what the requirements are and what common situations arise in a tactical unit. He also shares his September 11th experience as a firefighter: the loss of his father as well as community support in the aftermath of 9/11

Field of Honor: Gary Hostutler
VA Talk Radio Network

Live from the Field of Honor at ACS on Graves Mill Road: Gary Hostutler with the Rotary Club of Forest joined the program to talk about how the field is going this year as well as looking ahead to next year. He also shares some moving and heartwarming moments they have experienced while honoring the heroes at the Field of Honor

1,200 American flags placed in field to honor veterans and first responders
ABC 13 News

People are encouraged to pull over, stop and pay their tributes.

The flags are made possible through donations and sponsorships of local organizations, as well as family members of the first responders and veterans.

Field of Honor remembers those who served

BEDFORD COUNTY, Va. (WFXR) — The Rotary Club in Forest set up the Field of Honor to recognize the sacrifices made by first responders and service members from World War I through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Field of Honor returns to Lynchburg for a second year
ABC 13 News

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WSET) — The Field of Honor is coming back to Lynchburg this September.

The Rotary Club of Forest is holding this for the second year.
They’re putting the arrangement of 12-hundred US flags at Automated Conveyor Systems on Graves Mill Road.
Last year the Rotary Club helped support numerous first responders and veterans organizations with the funds from the field.

They’re taking flag sponsorships right now– $42 for a single flag in someone’s honor.


Field of Honor display created for for veterans and first responders

LYNCHBURG, Va. (WDBJ) – In Lynchburg, a thousand flags — for a thousand heroes. The opening ceremony was located at Automated Conveyor Systems.

On Saturday, members of The Rotary Club of Forest put up 1,000 flags to represent those who have fought for our country.

“We are hoping that this is going to give attention to the patriotism, the service above self, of all of our first responders. We want to honor them and have people think about them. They put their life on the line everyday,” Shannon Shaw, Rotary Club of Forest President, said.

Field of Honor event unfurls 1,000 American flags in Forest
The News & Advance

The Rotary Club of Forest used the Labor Day weekend to recognize the military, veterans, law enforcement, EMTs, and other first responders with a field of 1,000 American flags.

Nearly 200 people turned out to see the flags, which were planted Saturday and will remain in place until Sept. 15 off of Graves Mill Road.

Though the corresponding event to unveil the Field of Honor had more overtones of Memorial Day than Labor Day, Rotary Club President Shannon Shaw said September was chosen to remember the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Benefiting Charities:
Rotary Club of Forest Foundation

Hosted By:
Rotary Club of Forest Foundation

Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair: Jeff Kraber
Project Co-Chair: Gary Hostutler
Fundraiser Treasurer Chair: Dean Wilson
Public Relations Chair: Linda Dinkle
Program Chair: Bryan Pollard
Volunteer Chair: Shannon Shaw
Field Coordinator Chair: Bob Nuaujelis
Committee Member: Laura Dooley
Committee Member: Laura Tyree


August 30
September 12
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Automated Conveyer Systems
6 Millace Dr
Lynchburg, VA United States