Danville, VA Field of Honor® ~ 2015

June 14 – July 4, 2015

The Danville Rotary Club proudly hosts the River City’s first Field of Honor® flag display where hundreds of United States flags will be posted honoring all of our Hometown Heroes. The event is scheduled to recognize two of Americas most Patriotic holidays; Flag Day June 14 to honor Old Glory’s birthday through July 4 our nations birthday. The Field of Honor® flags will fly to remind all that the Stars and Stripes is the great emblem of our unity as a nation and a people.This stirring display will bring our community together in a tribute to the heroes in each of our lives; whether it be a teacher, minister, grandparent or friend. Each flag represents an individual and tells a story. The public is invited to sponsor a flag to fly in honor of a personal or public hero that has touched their lives. This is the perfect opportunity to let that person and the entire community know the impact that they have had on a single life or many lives through their generous efforts.
Visiting a panorama of posted flags is an experience hard to describe, but never to be forgotten. We invite all to visit Danville’s Field of Honor® display and walk with us among the posted flags. The display is open to all without charge. Don’t miss it!

Online flag sponsorships have been discontinued for this year.
Thank you for your support!

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Benefiting Charities:
Danville Rotary Club
Hosted By:
Danville Rotary Club
Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair – Brian Wilson
Treasurer – Don Angell
PR Chair – Matt Wyatt
Program Chair – Brian Wilson
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