Cohasset, MA 10th Annual Field of Honor® ~ 2016

May 21 – June 4, 2016   98-Summer Street – Traffic Island, Cohasset

Cohasset’s Memorial Day traditions continue this May as Sons of the American Legion Squadron 118, for the 10th straight year, host an inspirational Field of Honor® display of the Stars and Stripes.  Meaningful for volunteers and visitors alike, this solemn formation of U.S. flags honors all veterans and especially remembers those who gave their lives in defense of our country.

It is an experience hard to describe, but never to be forgotten. We invite all to visit the Cohasset Field of Honor® display and walk with us among the posted flags. The display is open to all without charge. Don’t miss it!

Sponsorship Levels:

Blue: $200

  • Your logo on a Field Banner
  • Website listing w/ link and logo
  • 3x Field of Honor ® Flags

White: $100

  • Your logo on a Field Banner
  • Website listing
  • 2x Field of Honor ® Flags

Red: $50

  • Your logo on a Field Banner
  • Website listing
  • 1x Field of Honor ® Flags

Individual flag Sponsorship: $30
Cash or Check preferred, CC accepted

Please submit sponsor form before April 30th

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Flag sales have been discontinued  
Thank you for your support! 

PLEASE NOTE: All sponsored flags will be shipped directly to host committee. Disregard standardized message on receipt, “order shipped” Flags available for pickup after the ceremony on May 30, 2016 at the field.

Benefiting Charities:Cohasset08
Sons of The American Legion Squadron 118
Hosted By:
Sons of The American Legion Squadron 118
Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair: Phil Pratt
Co-Chair: John Breen

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