Charlestown, MD ~ 3rd Annual Field of Honor® 2015

May 22-26 — Honoring All Veterans

Flag tradition has a long history in Baltimore stretching back to Fort McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner. The tradition continues in 2015 as the Hubbard Funeral Home again hosts our 3rd Annual Field of Honor® flag memorial during the days surrounding Memorial Day. Visitors will again encounter an inspiring display where hundreds of United States flags with tags identifying each individual honored will be posted in tribute to our military and veterans. Volunteers will post 3 by 5 foot flags atop 8 foot white flagstaffs in an inspiring formation that brings the community together and gives added meaning to the Memorial Day holiday.
Visitors to the flag display at the Charlestown Retirement Community in Catonsville will be rewarded by a panorama of red, white and blue that simply must be experienced to be appreciated. In addition to providing the community with this inspiring display, the Charlestown Field of Honor® provides a vehicle to raise money in support of the Wounded Warriors Program and the Charlestown Benevolent Care Fund. We invite all to support the Charlestown Field of Honor® by purchasing flags in dedication to those who have defended our nation.

Online flag sponsorships have been discontinued for 2015

THANK YOU for your support!

Benefiting Charities:
Operation Second Chance
Charlestown Benevolent Care Fund
Presented By:

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Hosted By:
Charlestown Retirement Community
Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair – Daniel Simons
Co-Chair – Joseph Herrick