Ideas and Tips for Field of Honor® Flag Displays

Communities choose the Field of Honor® designation for their Colonial Flag Foundation event as this may allow a wider range of themes.  While both living and dead can be honored by both Healing Field® and Field of Honor® flag display events, the Field of Honor® designation may fit more comfortably for events that focus on a wide range of living honorees.

Nevertheless, Field of Honor® displays are not limited to honoring the living.  Any of the ideas listed for Healing Field® displays may also have application for a Field of Honor® event.  The question of which designation to use relates to what a local host committee feels is most appropriate.

  • Field of Honor® flag displays may be a part and focus of local celebrations and events. Local parades may begin or end and a Field of Honor® site.  Ending a parade at a Field of Honor® flag display site can draw visitors who, by watching the parade, have shown their interest in the event.  The parade and the event support each other.
  • Field of Honor® flag displays may fund or provide an impressive backdrop for a building or monument dedications. A Field of Honor® formation of flags provides a speakers’ stage with a dramatic background and can envelop spectators in an embrace of flags.
  • Field of Honor® flag displays may highlight local history and ties to state and national history. History may provide an additional focus for visitors to events with historical flag sets and narrative texts available from Colonial Flag Foundation.
  • Field of Honor® flag displays draw attention to local causes and efforts. If your organizing group seeks a vehicle to promote a project, a field of flags will create memorable photo opportunities.
  • Field of Honor® flag displays give local media colorful backdrops for holidays and events. The broadcast and print media anxiously look for remote sites and visual settings to give added interest to reports.

While providing a inspiring event for the community, a Field of Honor® flag display event is a proven fundraising platform pays for itself while successfully raising money for local charities.