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Tom Wigmore

Cohasset, Massachusetts Citizen of the Year Tom Wigmore adjusts flags for a Memorial Day Display.

Since Healing Field® and Field of Honor® events encompass massive displays of the Stars and Stripes, the casual observer may conclude that whether in California or New York—the events are pretty much the same. Actually, each event bears the unique stamp of the local host community. Nevertheless, there are many parallels that become obvious for those lucky enough who visit several of these amazing flag displays. One thing that stands out to those of us, working at the Foundation’s national office, is that our program attracts amazing people who serve as local organizers. Our efforts coordinating flag displays all over our nation, gives us the opportunity to build fast friendships with some outstanding individuals.

It takes someone really special to stand out among this exceptional group of community leaders, and Thomas Wigmore of Cohasset, Massachusetts fills that bill to overflowing. For decades Tom has working quietly behind the scenes to honor veterans during Cohasset’s Memorial Day Activities. Appreciation for our veterans often grows from personal service in the military, but in Tom’s case his demonstrated appreciation stems from his father’s military service. Tom is Commander of the Cohasset Chapter of the Sons of the American Legion. Steve Wigmore, Tom’s father, is the Commander of the town’s George H. Mealy American Legion Post. Also, Deirdre Wigmore, Tom’s wife heads up the Legion’s Women’s Auxiliary. So honoring and serving area veterans is for the Wigmores a family matter.

Tom has headed the Cohasset’s Field of Honor® flag display on Memorial Day for nine straight years, and this alone is a huge undertaking. Each year Tom has rounded up sponsors to make the inspirational display possible and organized volunteers to assemble and post the flags.

However, as impressive and memorable as a Field of Honor® display is, Tom’s dedication to honoring veteran’s on Memorial Day runs wider and deeper. Tom has admitted that he has been helping his father with Memorial Day observances “since [he] was a little kid.” Certainly he has contributed his talents and energy to Cohasset Memorial Day observances for decades. With Tom’s support, Memorial Day activities in town have grown from a simple parade to a weeklong schedule of events. The event grows bigger and better with each succeeding year. “Instead of one day,” Tom explained, “they get a whole week—that’s how it should be.” A majestic formation of the Stars and Stripes has become an essential part of Cohasset’s Memorial Day tradition, and Tom has played a central role in bringing area residents together for the Field of Honor® display and the myriad of activities that surround it. As one city resident noted, “Simply put, without Tom Wigmore there would be no Healing Field®.”

In recognition of his decade’s long service to the community, Tom Wigmore has been selected as Cohasset’s Citizen of the Year. This acknowledgement would be appropriate if awarded during any one of many past years, but it is especially fitting this year. While yet a young man of fifty-one, Tom has be diagnosed as suffering from Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. So, just as he has for so many years and in so many ways honored the service of others, it is now time to honor Tom Wigmore for his exceptional service. The Colonial Flag Foundation proudly joins with Tom’s multitude of friends and admirers in praising his selfless service and wishing him and Deirdre, his devoted wife, our best hopes and wishes as they battle this dreaded disease.

Mt Juliet Sponsors 2015

Sponsorship Levels

Division Level – $5000 (75 Flag Kits)

  • Middle Tenn. Electric Customer Care

Regimental Level – $2,500 (50 Flag Kits)

    • The Journey Home Project

    Battalion Level – $1,000

    Company Level – $500 (10 Flag Kits)

        • JDC Coatings, Inc.
        • American Legion Tyler Cates Post 281
        • Exchange Club of West Wilson County

    Platoon Level – $300 (5 Flag Kits)

        • Wilson Bank & Trust


        • CMC Rebar
        • Barry & Nancy Britt
        • Margaret Dixon/Crye-Leike Realtors, Inc.
        • Monica Doll/Crye-Leike Realtors, Inc.
        • City of Mt. Juliet
        • Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce




    Three Touching Stories from Colonial Flag Foundation Events

    Cathedral City flags

    Display of Flags at Cathedral City’s Healing Field® event.

    A Soldier Remembered by a Community Far From His Home

    Sometimes events blend together perfectly in unexpected ways.  Kathy DeRosa, the mayor of Cathedral City in California’s Riverside County, was touched by events she observed at one of her community’s annual Healing Field® flag displays.

    A vacationing couple from out of state drove their motor home down the roadway adjacent to Cathedral City’s Healing Field® flag display and pulled into the parking lot to take a closer look.  They had never visited Cathedral City before and wanted to know why there were thousands of flags posted in the park.  Volunteers from the local Rotary Club explained that each flag displayed honored a soldier killed defending our nation in the Afghanistan or Iraq.  As they talked, they made their way to the stage where names of killed service men and women were being read.

    Just as the couple arrived in front of the stage, they heard—at that very moment—their son’s name read.  Mayor DeRosa noted that this was an experience that no one could ever forget, and it was certainly an emotional experience for those parents.  Upon hearing the couple’s story, the volunteers led the couple to the flag posted in honor of their son, and then presented the flag to a mother and father grateful that their son’s sacrifice had been remembered in a community far distant from their home.

    It is often said that every flag displayed at a Colonial Flag Foundation event has a story.  This is but the story of one flag that touched the lives of those who became a part of the story.   A posted flag not only honors an individual, but like the concentric rings formed by a pebble thrown into a still pond, they  spread out to touch family, friends so many others.  As Mayor DeRosa described it so aptly, it can become an experience that no one could ever forget.

    Tracy Reading Names 2

    Reading the names of those killed defending freedom.

    Honoring a Local Soldier Killed Defending Freedom

    A Field of Honor® Flag Display does not take place in a vacuum.  Honoring our military killed in the past sometimes collides with the present.  Rotary Club members in Murrieta, California found that out while assembling flags for their annual Field of Honor® event.

    When we remember our military men and women killed in World War II, Korea or Vietnam, these are wars of our nation’s history.  The number of our war dead killed in Iraq and Afghanistan is yet growing.  We search to cap a threat that is very real and still presents a serious threat to freedom.

    As volunteers at Murrieta’s Town Square Park fixed flags to their white plastic staffs, they were aware that the son of a local family had died serving his country on foreign soil.  As they worked assembled the flags, news arrived that a cortege carrying the casket of the young soldier would soon travel down the street next to the park.  The volunteers grabbed assembled flags and lined both sides of the street before the procession arrived.  The soldier’s family, riding in a car behind the hearse, was comforted to see that their soldier was remembered and honored by their community.  After the solemn motorcade passed, the flags hurriedly moved to the street, were returned to the park and posted as part of the Field of Honor® display.

    The next morning as Frank walked through the posted flags, he saw a group surrounding the flag posted to honor the soldier so recently killed.  “It must be friends of the young man,” he thought to himself.  “Certainly the family would not be able to visit he Field of Honor® flags so soon after their son’s body’s return.  He walked over to the posted flag and found the soldier’s parents and close family surround the soldier’s flag.  Frank, was honored that he on behalf of his Rotary Club’s members and Murrieta’s residents, could thank this grieving family for their son’s sacrifice.  This experience was for those present, the core of healing.


    Cell phone foto Murrieta

    A picture a a mother and her children sent to her soldier husband went viral on the internet.

    The Impact of a Simple Picture

    Frank Donahue, the Co-Chair of Murrieta’s Field of Honor has many memories of his community’s annual event.   One memory sticks out prominently.  Talking with visitors to the field of flags, he encountered a mother visiting the display with her young daughter.  They mentioned that they would like a picture to record their visit, and Frank remembered that he has a cellular phone with a camera.  An early example of this type of phone, Frank worried that the camera would not produce a good a photo as his expensive camera.  Nevertheless, the woman and her daughter posed in front of a grouping of flags and Frank to the picture.

    The composition and lighting were just right and Frank proudly offered to email his photo to the woman.   “Could you send it to my husband in Afghanistan,” the woman asked.  Not having known that the woman’s husband was deployed in a war zone, Frank was surprised but readily agreed.  He entered the serviceman’s email address and pressed the send button.  Mother and daughter thanked him and left for home.

    Frank was certain that the photograph would be very meaningful to their deployed husband and father; still he was not prepared for the emotion he experienced when the two reappeared a couple of hours later.  They showed Frank that his picture had been posted on a myriad of sites by a proud father.  Frank’s cell phone photo had gone viral.  The simple photograph of a mother and her daughter posed in front of a grouping of U.S. flags had a greater global impact than Frank could have imagined when he released the shutter on his cell phone camera.

    Utah Healing Field 2012

    September 7 – 12

    This September 11th marks the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that struck our nation.
    Colonial Flag Foundation in conjunction with other local sponsors set up a magnificent display commemorating the tragic loss that took place 11 years ago with a display of hundreds of flags. This is called a Healing Field Flag Memorial. This moving memorial will also honor all front line responders in our community and those who serve in the armed forces, risking their lives for the safety and freedom of all American citizens.
    The Healing Field event will also feature the dedication of the new memorial titled Hope Rising – To Lift A Nation. This will forever stand as a reminder of the hope that we felt as we saw the famous photograph of the three firemen at ground zero who raised the U.S. flag amidst the ruble of the World Trade Center. That day we all stood together!

    Event Schedule
    The event runs from September 7 – 12 on the lawn south of Sandy City Hall.
    Friday Sept. 7th at 6:00 PM:
    Saturday Sept 8th (All Day):
    Sunday Sept 9th at 6:00 PM:
    Monday Sept 10th (All Day):
    Tuesday Sept 11th (All Day):
    Wednesday Sept12 6:00 PM:
    Set up Flag Display(Volunteers Welcome)
    Field Open for Visitors
    Hope Rising – To Lift a Nation Monument Dedication
    Field Open for Visitors
    Field Open for Visitors
    Break Down Flag Display (Volunteers Welcome)

    Benefiting Charities
    Colonial Flag Foundation
    Hosted by
    Colonial Flag Foundation
    Local Organizing Committee
    Coming soon.

    Please join us for this awe inspiring event. This is the perfect opportunity to unite as a community to remember and honor our local and national heroes as well as those who died in this tragic event.

    In The News

    CARPENTERSVILLE, IL | Field of Honor | 2012

    September 7-9, 2012 – Carpenter Park (122 Carpenter Blvd.)

    The True Patriots Care Foundation is proud to host the 2012 Field of Honor® flag memorial displaying hundreds of flags honoring the first responders killed on 9-11 and the Illinois fallen soldiers since 9-11.
    These 3′X5′ flags will stand 8′ tall in perfect rows. This living display of heroism will fly as a temporary patriotic tribute to the strength and unity of Americans.

    Please join us and walk this awe inspiring display of flags. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us to unite as a community to remember and honor those who died in this tragic event.

    Support your
    local Field, Sponsor
    it, Own it — Take it
    home and continue
    the tribute!
    Sponsor a flag &
    pick up your flag.
    Have your flag shipped
    to your home.
    Support your
    field through
    In Honor of:

    In Honor of:

    Send your sponsored flag to a deployed or wounded soldier, with a photo and a personal message from our Field of Honor flag display through the Operation Thank You Program.
    Your flag will be sent to a service man or woman currently serving in harm’s way or recovering at Bethesda Naval Hospital or Belvoir Hospital.

    Thank You
    In Honor of:

    Event Schedule:
    CLICK HERE for more information.

    Benefiting Charities:
    True Patriots care Foundation
    Boys & Girls Club of Dundee Township
    Hosted By:
    True Patriots Care Foundation
    Local Organizing Committee:
    Project Chair:
    Jerry Christopherson
    Program Co-Chair:
    John Schuldt – Carpentersville Fire Chief
    Diane Minger – School District 300
    Fundraiser Chair:
    Karen Roeckner School District 300
    Marketing Co-Chair:
    Patricia Szpekowsk – PMS Advertising
    Debbie Wodrich – GH Development
    Parade Chair:
    John Skillman – Deputy Fire Chief Carpentersville
    Field Set up:
    Ray Reusch Village of Cary
    Site Security:
    Mark Christopherson – Property Werks
    Information Booth Co – Chair:
    Linda Christopherson – National Technology
    Mary Henk – School District U-46
    Sponsor Programs:
    Coming Soon.
    Thanks To Our Sponsors:
    OTTO Engineering:
    Village of Carpentersville
    Dundee Township Park District
    In The News:

    BUTTE, MT | Field of Honor | 2012

    July 26-29, 2012 – Located at Continental Dr. and Mercury Street across from the Belmont Senior Center — visit us on Facebook

    The Butte Exchange Club will host the 2nd Annual Butte Field of Honor flag display in July 2012. The Belmont Mine Headframe will again be the backdrop for this awe-inspiring display of one thousand United States flags. These three by five foot flags will fly on eight foot white poles creating a sea of red, white and blue that forms a tribute to our military, our veterans, emergency first responders, personal heroes, and Montana’s victims of child abuse.
    You may Sponsor or Buy one or more flags. Sponsored flags are identified with a special tag giving the name of the person honored. At the end of the event tags and sponsored flags are available to be picked up by the sponsor or can be shipped if desired.
    Service clubs, businesses, veteran’s organizations, individuals and all other civic groups are encouraged to volunteer and help set up the Field of Honor display. This is the perfect opportunity for your organization to participate in a community wide event. To volunteer please provide your name and phone number. Contact Doug at 406-491-6039 or email him at
    Please join us and walk this awe inspiring display of flags. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us to unite as a community to remember, honor and heal.
    Important: After you have paid using the paypal feature below you will receive, within a few days, a confirmation email from the Butte Field of Honor. You may then return the email with information about the person you are honoring such as: branch of service, years served, etc.; or relationship to you such as father, friend, teacher, etc. At that time you may also direct your donation to one of the selected charities if you choose.

    Support your
    local Field, Sponsor
    it, Own it — Take it
    home and continue
    the tribute!
    Two or More
    Support your
    field through
    In Honor of:

    In Honor of:

    Event Schedule:
    July 26 Noon – 8 pm
    July 27-28 8 am – 8 pm
    July 29 8 am – 4 pm
    Display set-up July 25 Start 11 am
    Opening Ceremony July 26 Noon
    Children’s Table July 26, 27, 28 Noon to 4 pm
    Claim Tags and Flags July 29 2-4 pm
    Take down display July 29 Start 4 pm

    Benefiting Charities:
    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Butte
    Butte Rescue Mission
    Butte Family YMCA
    United Veteran’s Council
    Big Sky Honor Flight
    Intermountain Children’s Home—Butte Branch
    Butte Silver Bow Family Drug Court/Butte Cares
    Hosted By:
    The Butte Exchange Club
    Local Organizing Committee:
    Cindi Farrar
    Lauren Kippen
    Leo Prigge
    Lorrie Gages
    Pat Cooney
    Steve Daniel
    Doug Rotondi
    Jim Stilwell
    Greg Morck
    Sponsor Programs:
    Diamond $5,000 (32 flags)
    Platinum $2,500 (16 flags)
    Gold $1,000 (8 flags)
    Silver $500 (4 flags)
    Copper $250 (2 flags)
    (Sponsors may purchase flags for $20 at the close of
    the event)
    Individual Sponsorship $35
    Two or More flags $30
    Thanks To Our Sponsors:
    Diamond $5,000+
    Butte Broadcasting,Inc-KBOW, KPOR, KGLM
    Cherry Creek Radio-KMBR, KAAR, KXTL
    ABC& FOX Television
    Platinum $2,500+
    Daniel Financial Services, inc.
    Jordan Contracting
    Marquis Vintage Suites
    Gold $1,000+
    Bentley Construction
    Community Counseling & Correctional Service
    Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation
    Glacier Bank
    Montana Resources
    Optimum Media Services
    PPL Montana
    Peter and Stephanie Sorini
    Town Pump
    Silver $500+
    Advanced Dermatology, Dixon Robison, M.D.
    Butte Subaru
    Driscoll & Allen
    First Montana Bank
    Patrick Foster Agency-State Farm Ins.
    Mahugh Fire & Safety
    Leo McCarthy Agency- State Farm Ins.
    Montana Abstract & Title Co.
    Northwestern Energy
    Pintlar Surgical Specialists-Anaconda
    Pioneer Technical Services
    Steele’s Warehouse
    St James Healthcare Foundation
    St James Healthcare
    Sullway Construction, Inc.
    Summit Valley Title Company
    Sun Rental
    The Montana Standard
    US Bank
    Copper $250+
    American Federal Savings Bank
    Anderson Zurmuehlen
    Axelson Alternative Cremation
    Bert Mooney Airport
    Butte Bowling Association
    Butte Copper Company
    Butte Plaza Inn
    John Chioutsis/Edward Jones Investments
    Christie Transfer and Storage
    Coca Cola Bottling Butte, MT
    Copper City Wireless
    Copper Ridge Health & Rehab
    Couture With A&A
    Daniel Insurance Agency, Inc
    Tom & Wendy Downey
    Ed Tech Federal Credit Union
    First Citizens Bank
    Gamer’s Café
    Hampton Inn, Butte
    Harrington Surgical Supply
    Headframe Spirits, Inc.
    Jack Hendrickson
    Hoffman’s R&M Services
    Hollow Construction
    Joseph, Vicevich & Whelan, PLLP
    Edward Jones Investments/John Kreis
    Mark Rule & Company
    McGree Trucking
    Montana Orthopedic
    Montana Tech Foundation
    Morris Marketing
    Bill and Marissa Newman
    Pekin Noodle Parlor
    Pizza Hut
    Pork Chop John’s
    P-TEL Consulting/Janet Shea Sales
    Prigge&Otten, CPAs, P.C.
    Quarry Brewing
    Quilicy Glass
    RD’s Travel Stop
    Rocky Mountain Ins-John Goldberg
    Shea Realtors, PLLC
    Skyline Sportsman Association
    Terminal Foods
    Thompson Family
    Thrivent Fianacial, Bruce and Peggy Graving
    Uptown Café
    Wells Fargo
    Western States Insurance
    Yates Body Shop
    Zip Beverage
    In The News:
    Coming soon.

    SPRINGFIELD, OH | Field of Honor | 2012

    June 6-14, 2011

    The Jackson, Lytle & Lewis Funeral Home will host their 3rd annual Field of Honor flag display on June 6 -14, 2012. Visitors and volunteers from Springfield and the surrounding communities will again experience an awe-inspiring display including hundreds of large U.S. flags atop 8 foot poles in perfect rows on a field of green. This annual event is becoming a Springfield tradition as we honor the veterans who have defended our freedoms.
    Please join us and walk this Field of Honor flag display. This is the perfect opportunity for all of us to unite as a community and to remember and honor our local and national heroes.

    Sponsored flags will remain on display in the Field of Honor until its conclusion when they will be available for pickup or shipping.

    Support your
    local Field, Sponsor
    it, Own it — Take it
    home and continue
    the tribute!
    Sponsor a flag &
    pick up your flag.
    Have your flag shipped
    to your home.
    Support your
    field through
    In Honor of:

    In Honor of:

    Event Schedule:

    Benefiting Charities:
    VFW Post 1031 (Veteran Medical Transportation)
    Honor Flight
    Hosted By:
    Jackson, Lytle & Lewis Funeral Home.
    Local Organizing Committee:
    Frank Lewis, Project Chair
    Sponsor Programs:
    Coming soon.
    Thanks To Our Sponsors:
    Coming soon.
    In The News:

    MURFREESBORO, TN | Healing Field | 2012

    May 26-28, 2012—Medical Center Parkway and Maple wholesale atlanta falcons Jerseys cheap Grove wholesale atlanta falcons Jerseys cheap Drive

    In May volunteers will gather to post more than a Wholesale Stitched NFL Patch Jerseys thousand United States flags for Murfreesburo’s 4th Annual Field of Honor display which will again be hosted by the Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club. This atlanta falcons Jersey uk sea of red, white and Peter Holland Jerseys blue wholesale atlanta falcons Jerseys cheap U.S. flags waving in the breeze has become an Markus Golden Youth Jerseys annual Memorial Day weekend tribute dedicated to our veterans, military and personal heroes. Meaningful for volunteers and visitors alike, this display will be located at Medical Center Parkway and Maple Grove Drive.
    Please join us as we walk amid the ordered rows of Old Glory atlanta falcons Jersey uk where each full-sized flag youth atlanta falcons Trevor Linden Jerseys Jerseys waves atop an eight foot white staff in cheap stitched nfl patch Jerseys cheap a stirring formation. Standing amid the flags, we remember and reflect in a salute of the living to those who died defending our nation and way of life.
    Sponsored flags will be available pick-up at the conclusion of the event on May 28th at 7:00 P.M.

    Flags may be purchased at any MidSouth Bank or by calling the information line.

    Event Schedule:

    Opening Ceremony—Saturday, May 26th at 11:00 AM
    Closing Ceremony—Monday, May 28th at 5:00 PM
    –Ritchie McDonald will sing at the Closing Ceremony
    Flag Retirement Ceremony—Saturday, May 26th atlanta falcons Jersey uk at 7:00 PM

    Benefiting Charities:
    Murfreesboro Exchange Club youth atlanta falcons Jerseys Family Center.
    Hosted By:
    Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club.
    Local Organizing Committee:
    Rebecca Talley—Event Chair
    Linda Burt—Volunteer Chair
    John Stracener–Treasurer
    Katy Riddle—Publicity Chair
    David youth atlanta falcons Jerseys Nipper—Flag Sales Chair
    Phil Barkley—Field Chair
    Pam Little—Sponsorship Chair
    Sponsor Programs:
    CLICK HERE for more information.
    Thanks To Our Sponsors:
    CLICK HERE for more information.
    In The News:

    GREATER NEWBURYPORT, MA | Field of Honor | 2012

    September 7-11, 2012 – Bartlet Mall (Greenleaf St.)

    In early September volunteers will gather to post hundreds of United States flags for Greater Newburyport’s 3th Annual Field of Honor which will again be hosted by the Exchange Club of Greater Newburyport. This sea of red, white and blue American flags waving in the breeze has become an annual tribute dedicated to our veterans and emergency first responders.
    Please join us as we walk amid the ordered rows of Old Glory where each full-sized flag waves atop an eight foot white staff in a stirring formation. Standing amid the flags, we remember and honor those who defend and serve.
    To volunteer during the event CLICK HERE.

    All flags will remain on display until the end of the event when they will be available for pickup. Spread through our community, these sponsored Field of Honor® flags can then continue to be displayed as tangible reminders of Greater Newburyport Field of Honor®.

    Support your
    local Field, Sponsor
    it, Own it — Take it
    home and continue
    the tribute!
    Sponsor a flag &
    pick up your flag.
    Support your
    field through

    In Honor / Memory of:
    On Behalf of Affiliate Sponsor

    Flags can be purchased on-site at the Bartlet Mall through Tuesday, September 11th.

    Event Schedule:

    9/7 FRIDAY – 8:00AM: Posting of Flags
    9/9 SUNDAY – 12 NOON: Field of Honor Dedication Program
    9/11 TUESDAY – 8:00 AM: Removal of Field
    Click here for Event Brochure

    Benefiting Charities:
    Michael B. Christensen Family Resource Center
    Scholarship Fund
    Other Ongoing Community Projects
    Hosted By:
    The Greater Newburyport Exchange Club.
    CLICK HERE for more information.
    Local Organizing Committee:
    Sponsor Programs:
    Click here for Sponsorship Levels
    Click here for Flag Sponsor Form
    Thanks To Our Affiliate Sponsors:
    Council on Aging – Newburyport
    In The News:

    FLAGSTAFF, AZ | Healing Field | 2012

    April 25-29, 2012 – Coconino County Courthouse

    The Exchange Club of Flagstaff, AZ will host their 3rd annual Field of Hope, Healing Field flag display April 25-29, 2012.
    This display of 70 blue ribbon flags will fly as a temporary memorial to children who have lost their lives to child abuse and neglect in Arizona.

    Please join us and walk this memorial of awareness. This is the perfect opportunity for us to come together as a community and unite against child abuse. “These are America’s children, this is America’s responsibility.”

    Support your
    field through

    Event Schedule:

    Benefiting Charities:
    Exchange Club of Flagstaff Foundation
    Hosted By:
    Exchange Club of Flagstaff
    Local Organizing Committee:
    Judy Bippus
    Gary Smith
    John McLaughlin
    Sponsor Programs:
    Coming soon.
    Thanks To Our Sponsors:
    Coming soon.
    In The News:
    Coming soon.