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What honors heroes, creates awareness, unites communities and raises money for local charities all at the same time?

Colonial Flag Foundation brings everything together with the original flag memorial programs, which offer:
  • Complete plans, instructions and training materials explaining a program so unique that it has received a U.S. Patent as a method for charitable fundraising.

  • The Licensed use of Colonial Flag Foundation registered names, trademarks and logos creating instant association with Healing Field® and Field of Honor® inspirational and memorable flag displays.

  • Field of Flags SaluteExperienced guidance provided by a team that has, for a decade and a half, coordinated efforts producing hundreds of successful events spread across the breadth and width of our nation.

  • Economically priced flag kits composed of specially manufactured white flagstaffs, coated metal ground anchors, colorfast flags and all the needed components to post a field of flags that present a uniform scene of respect and quality.

  • Goodwill created by Healing Field® and Field of Honor® events and experienced by millions of visitors who have walked among the ordered rows and columns of flags posted in their local areas.

  • Name recognition attached to Healing Field® and Field of Honor® flag displays hosted by service clubs, communities and schools throughout the land.

  • A proven way to raise funds to support worthwhile local causes.

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Posting the Flags Police and the Healing Fields Youth Volunteers
Healing Field Bikers Kids setting up the Healing Field Saluting the Flags

Host Your Own Field of Honor® or Healing Field®
Generate awareness and raise funds for your cause by hosting a Field of Honor® or Healing Field® flag display. Hundreds have done it. Learn how you can make a difference in your community.


Host Communities
See where, when and who is hosting Healing Field® and Field of Honor® displays throughout the country.