WESTERVILLE, OH | Field of Honor | 2012

WESTERVILLE, OH | Field of Honor | 2012

May 25-28, 2012—Westerville Sports Complex on Cleveland Avenue
In May volunteers will gather to post thousands of United States flags for Westerville’s 4th Annual Field of Honor display which will again be hosted by the Rotary Club of Westerville Sunrise. This sea of red, white and blue U.S. flags waving in the breeze has become an annual Memorial Day weekend tribute dedicated to our hometown. Meaningful for volunteers and visitors alike, this display will be located at the Westerville Sports Complex at 325 North Cleveland Avenue.

Please join us as we walk amid the ordered rows of Old Glory where each full-sized flag waves atop an eight foot white staffs in a stirring formation. Standing amid the flags, we remember and honor those who have defended our nation and way of life.

Flags can be purchased for $30 each from the Field of Heroes web site, www.fieldofheroes.org. Flags flown in the Field of Heroes can be picked up after the event or shipped for a small additional fee. Or, alternatively, flags can be designated to be donated at the conclusion of the Field of Heroes weekend to a charitable organization supporting active military, veterans, public safety personnel or their families. For $15, flags can be dedicated and flown in this year’s field, with the flag being returned to the Westerville Sunrise Rotary Club for use in next year’s Field of Heroes.

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Benefiting Charities:
Westerville Sunrise Rotary Foundation.
Hosted By:
Rotary Club of Westerville Sunrise.
Local Organizing Committee:
Dave Wartel
Larry Jenkins
Tiffany McGinnis
Barb Gizzo
Sue Castro
Tonya Hardgrove
Mark Welling
Pat Knott
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