Add On Programs

The Milestones Program

Police Department

The Milestones Program is designed as an educational supplement to your flag display that supports your event theme and goals. Milestones create an interactive element through progressive signage and other documents such as a mock passport. Common themes include Milestones in:

  • American History
  • U.S. Military
  • Flight/Travel
  • Technology/Industry
  • State or Local History
  • Art/Culture
  • Sports History

Another expression of the Milestones Program is through the use of statistical information pertaining to the theme of the field or the benefiting cause. Examples include statistics related to:

  • Veteran issues and needs like homelessness, post traumatic stress disorder, suicide rates, etc.
  • Child abuse and domestic abuse including injuries, deaths, abusers, causes and prevention
  • First responder issues like injuries, deaths, equipment, prevention, education, families
  • Poverty and related issues hunger, literacy, unclean water, disease
  • Natural disasters
  • Drug and alcohol abuse


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