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The programs of Colonial Flag Foundation are adopted by a wide variety of civic, service and other non-profit organizations to generate awareness, educate the public on issues that are important to them and raise funds to support their causes.

These are a few of the more recent groups and charities that have benefited from the Healing Field® and Field of Honor® programs. Learn more about the Programs or Contact Us to get involved.

List of Organizations We’ve Helped

Rock Operation Give

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The tears that have been shed by all would fill oceans.
-Terri Foulsen

What a great way to put things into perspective!

Thank you for giving us a place to come and feel closer to the one’s lost on 9-11-01. A place to pray, remember & reflect.  Pray for peace.
-Love, The Coleman Family

Wonderful.  The visual is so much more expressive, so much more than words ever convey.
-No. Ogden, Utah

I’m only 14 and never realized until now how many people really died.  I’m very thankful for what I have learned from this. Thanks.

Wonderful display!  Brings it in perspective how massive the toll was.

Our seven year old granddaughter hugged one of the flag poles when we explained they each stood for a mom, dad, brother, sister of someone.

This field is an awesome, beautiful site.
-Esther Peters

Thank you for your patriotism and making this a tradition for us.  It’s a beautiful sight to see.
-Sutherland Family.

Thank you for helping my family to visualize the impact of all the deaths.

A beautiful memorial.  Please keep doing it.
-Janet Hammond

Wow, what a beautiful memorial to some of America’s truest patriots.  Thank you.

Idaho Veterans Child abuse prevention Prevent Child Abuse

Child Advocacy Center boys and girls club

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