Who is Hosting Events

The programs of Colonial Flag Foundation are adopted by a wide variety of civic, service and other non-profit organizations to generate awareness, educate the public on issues that are important to them and raise funds to support their causes. These groups can attest to the power and effectiveness of Healing Field® and Field of Honor®. Learn more about the Programs or Contact Us to get involved.

List of Hosts

Exchange club Blue star mothers Murrieta Rotary

Rotary Club:
“We feel like we’re tapping into the patriotic values of many people here in the community,”
~Al Vollbrecht, a retired city employee and Rotarian.


American Legion:
“This is something the whole community can be involved in,”
~Wigmore, who is a former national chairman of the Sons, a group made up of men whose fathers, stepfathers, or grandfathers are veterans.


Exchange Club:
“When you read the number 3,000 it sounds like a lot, but the numbers seem to diminish in print.”
“We wanted to see what it would look like out in the field.”
“To walk through the field of flags and know that each one represents one life lost is a very moving experience.”

American legion
Rotary Lest we forget

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