We Read The Constitution

We Read The Consititution

Join others Across America this September 15th as We Read The Constitution

The Colonial Flag Foundation is proud to join with Constituting America and Let Freedom Ring to facilitate the organization of public readings of the United States Constitution throughout the United States on Constitution Day, Saturday, September 15th, the anniversary of the Constitutional Convention’s approval of the text of the Constitution. For this purpose we have set up an interactive web site to assist people in hosting and attending these gatherings across the nation on September 15:


At this site you can participate by deciding to host a public or private (invitation-only) reading of the Constitution, or find a reading event near you, on September 15. The core of WeReadTheConstitution.com is the interactive map that displays the reading events that have been registered. The site has content to help participants, including a guide to hosting an event with downloadable signs, and the text of the Constitution in a downloadable format.

Read the Constitution with a Field of Flags

Provide a patriotic backdrop for reading the Constitution this September 15th by displaying a dedicated Read the Constitution – Field of Honor Flag Display or by leaving up your 9-11 Healing Field a few extra days past September 11th, you will be able to offer your community the unique opportunity to join with others across America in reading the Constitution on Saturday, September 15th, 2012.

The United States Constitution is the oldest written national constitution still in continuous use. The “Miracle at Philadelphia” gave to the American People a charter of national government that protects their Liberty by limiting the federal government to a very few specified powers, leaving the general power of government to the several States. But this wonderful inheritance can be lost through indifference and ignorance, allowing those in power to trespass on the Constitution and the Liberties of the People.

It takes less than one hour to read the United States Constitution in its entirety, right through the 27th Amendment. It is an exercise that, done in public, in these times, cannot fail to impress upon the participants the limited nature of the federal government that the Founding Fathers designed for the American People.

To find out how to host or participate in a reading of the United States Constitution on September 15th, go to: www.WeReadTheConstitution.com.

To find out how to set up a field of flags as a back drop for your reading of the Constitution go to: www.HealingField.org/how-the-program-works/

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