A 3000 Flag Healing Field flag display greeted attendees at the September 11th dedication of the Pentagon Memorial.
The Healing Field was an amazing patriotic display of nearly 3000, three foot by five foot American flags atop eight foot poles honoring the victims and their families during the dedication of the Pentagon Memorial on September 11, 2008.
Upon completion of the event the commemorative flags were taken down by volunteers and are now available online to anyone wishing to own a commemorative piece of this historic event. The proceeds from these flag sponsorships will benefit the further completion and maintenance of the Pentagon Memorial.

The flags were posted and taken down by over 300 volunteers in the parking lot on the South West end of the Pentagon by the memorial. Of the 3000 flags, 184 of the flags had ribbons bearing the names and information of the victims from the Pentagon and Flight 77.
The 184 flags bearing the names of the victims were donated to the Pentagon Memorial fund organizers who distributed the flags to each family.

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  • Terence Shotkoski Reply

    I am interested in purchasing one of the Commemorative Flags. When I clicked on the order button the photo shows a tag attached to the Flag. Is it a number or a form of certification? Do these Flags come with any documentation stating their significance?

    December 3, 2013 at 9:58 pm

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