Jackson Township, OH | Field of Honor® – Field of Heroes | 2013

Memorial Day Weekend, May 24—27, 2013—Jackson Township Safety Center at Corner of Fulton Road NW and Wales Road NW, Massillon, Ohio.

In May volunteers from our local area will gather to post hundreds of United States flags for Jackson Township’s Field of Honor® / Field of Heroes display which will be hosted by the Rotary Club of Jackson Township in collaboration with the Jackson-Belden Chamber of Commerce, the Community of Jackson Township, the Jackson Township Police Department, the Jackson Township Fire Department and the Jackson Township Local Schools.
This sea of red, white and blue waving in the breeze is a tribute to honor the personal heroes of our community members whoever they are…a family member, a friend, a veteran, a member of the armed forces, a favorite teacher, a coach, a mentor, a medical professional, a first responder or any other person who has made an impact on our lives.

Benefiting Charities:
Local Community Service Projects of the Jackson Township Rotary Club.
Hosted By:
Rotary Club of Jackson Township, OH
Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair- Jim Ondrus
Co-Chair- Steven Meeks
Treasurer- Gregory Blasiman
Public Relations Chair- Paula Blangger
Public Relations Co-Chair- Mike Boyd
Volunteer Chair- Jean Campbell
Volunteer Co-Chair- Susan Ondrus
Fundraising Chair- Linda DeHoff
Field Coordinator Chair- David Ruwadi
Program Chair-Marybeth Reynolds
Program Co-Chair- Dave Allen
Honorary Chairman- Mel Herncane
Flag Sales Coordinator- Patty Meeks
Sponsor Programs:
CLICK HERE for more information.
Individual Sponsor – $32
Hero Sponsor – $125
Patriot Sponsor – $250
Stars & Stripes Sponsor – $500
Friend of the Field Sponsor – $1500
Major Sponsor – $5000
Presenting Sponsor – $7500
Heritage Sponsor – $10000

3 Comments for this entry

    Tiffany Riedinger
    April 25th, 2013 on 3:02 pm

    This was such an amazing event last year. My family and I are looking forward to helping with it again. During the event it was so uplifting meeting all the heroes that were being honored, the family members, and the people that just stopped by to support this awesome cause. Reading the stories about those being honored was just an added bonus. Great event for kids to visit!!!

    Tanya Cironi
    May 24th, 2013 on 9:30 pm

    This is an amazing event. Our family is again sponsoring a flag for our family military heroes! God bless all who have or are serving! Thank you to all who put this event together. Very moving!

    Sandy Miller
    September 22nd, 2014 on 2:27 pm

    Just traveled south on Rt 35 heading back to NC. The flags are a sight to behold…very impressive.
    As a parent of two Army officers, it does my heart good to see our flag waving proudly for all community heroes. That’s what our men and women fight for!!

    Thank you for your efforts Jackson, OH.