In The National News

In the National News

Field of Honor is Coming to GlassFest
The Field of Honor, a nationally recognized event, is a new vital component to GlassFest this year.

Mansfield Field of Honor prepares for this spring
Field of Honor pays tribute to veterans, military, and first responders

Field of Honor planned in South Plainfield, NJ
South Plainfield resident Hannah Rhoads, 16, to host

Murrieta Rotary honors 5 veterans’ at lunch
The Rotary club of Murrieta saluted five military veterans

Cody honors Wilder legacy
Few people have a resume of service like that of

Hornell observes Veterans Day
Hornell observes Veterans Day

Exchange Club’s 1000 flag Field of Honor
Exchange Club’s 1000 flag Field of Honor to be displayed at JWCC

Hundreds of stories being told
Hundreds of stories are being represented through American flags this week

Thousands of U.S. flags honor heroes
Thousands of U.S. flags honor fallen heroes in Cathedral City

2016 Field of Honor display
Display will honor local Veterans

Forrest Gump 5K
Forest Gump 5k kicking off Field of Honor festivities in Murrieta

Field of Honor in Dennis supports
Field of Honor in Dennis supports those who served

Murrieta Field of Honor to partner with Gary Sinise
Murrieta Field of Honor to partner with Gary Sinise Foundation, expects new opening day events

Utica Veterans Day Observance
Utica Veterans Day observance features ceremony, no parade.

Now Playing in Nashville
The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson at The Hermitage, Home of President Andrew Jackson

Thumbs up, thumbs down
The program sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy hosted its second annual Field of Honor on Sept. 9-11.

Cubby Conrad: Walking through the Field
As I drove north on the Baltimore Pike, I passed the Healing Field, …all the “countless, moving stories” that she’s heard there at the Healing Field®.

Flags at Hanover’s Healing Field®
Why The Photo Is Special: Sunset on the flags at the Healing Field at West Manheim Elementary School.

Healing Field is personal as people bring their own 9/11 experiences
Carrie Vidamo of Gilbert couldn’t be one of the more than 300 volunteers this time that helped set up the nearly 3,000 flags for this year’s Healing Field.

A Lesson in Patriotism
10, to visit the Healing Field in West Manheim. We tried to explain to our children Ellie Slagle, 2, left, and Evan, 6, about the loss of life that happened on Sep. 11, 2001

Visitors find 9/11 memories amid a forest of flags
Together, the rows upon rows of rippling flags are called a “Healing Field,” although, once inside the impressive display.

Victims, first responders remembered at NT’s healing field
Paul Battson/contributorA large American flag flies over the thousands of flags in the healing field in North Tonawanda for Sunday’s 9/11 memorial.

Arizona soldier salutes 3000 flags during 9/11 memorial in Tempe
11 attacks by saluting each flag every year going forward. Royse said his organization has put on the Healing Field event for the past 13 years.

American flags planted at Tempe Beach Park 9/11 ‘Healing Field’
Ever year the City of Tempe honors the nearly 3,000 victims of the September 11 attacks at its Healing Field tribute.

Photos: Healing Fields remember those lost on 9/11

Kathy Cline Sept. 11 Healing Field goes on display in Phoenix area
TEMPE, Ariz. — The annual Healing Field at Tempe Beach Park went on display early Friday, ahead of the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Tempe remembers lives lost on 9/11: ‘We can’t forget it … we can’t forget them’
Chitwood, 2, as they look through the flags at the Healing Field in Tempe. … looks over some of the names on flags at the Healing Field in Tempe.

Soldier honors 9/11 victims in special way in Tempe
During the weekend, Tempe Beach Park was transformed into the 13th Annual Healing Field and one Valley soldier honored the lives lost on 9/11

Tempe Healing Field
Retired firefighter Bill Marshall wears an air tank with the words “We must never forget” at the Healing Field during a memorial for the nearly 3,000 flags.

Healing Field is personal as people bring their own 9/11 experiences
Carrie Vidamo of Gilbert couldn’t be one of the more than 300 volunteers this time that helped set up the nearly 3,000 flags for this year’s Healing Field.

9/11 Healing Field set up in Tempe
Thousands of flags have been set up at Tempe Beach Park to honor those lost on September 11, 2001

Healing Field
Event – Healing Field. … Healing FieldHealing Field. Tempe, AZ9/10/2016. Share this event with your friends. TeamPressCareersContact Us. © 2016

Multiple weekend services planned for 9/11 anniversary
Sholten Singer/The Herald-Dispatch Six-year-old Caidence Joseph runs through the Healing Fields at Spring Hill Cemetery on Thursday, Sept 8,2016

Multiple weekend services planned for 9/11 anniversary
The Healing Field at Spring Hill Cemetery, returning with an estimated 3,000 American flags, jointly honoring victims of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Utah’s red-white-and-blue salute to Sept. 11’s fallen
The Healing Field display contains more than 3,000 American flags in … The red-white-and-blue display, dubbed the Healing Field, has been a 9/11

Volunteers plant 3000 flags near Sandy City Hall to honor victims of 9/11 terrorist attacks
Cody Brophy volunteers with others to set up 3,000 flags in the Utah Healing Field in Sandy on Thursday, Sept. 8, 2016, to honor the victims of the attacks on Sep. 11, 2001

How Utah is Remebering 9/11 and Giving Back to Veterans
Shauna Jorgensen, Chairman of the Utah Healing Field, along with Jake Nold with Labs For Liberty and K9 dog Pearl are getting ready for the 15th

9/11 Healing Field flag display opens Friday in Sandy
SANDY — More than 3,000 flags will fly in a solemn formation in front of City Hall, 10000 Centennial Parkway, honoring the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

9/11 remembered in Sandy’s Healing Field
Dubbed the Healing Field, the site features more than 3,000 U.S. flags and has been the scene of commemorations each year, a way to salute those who died on Sep. 11, 2001

9/11 Memorial draws thousands to the Healing Field
SANDY, Utah (ABC4 Utah) – Several thousand people showed up tonight for the big memorial service at the healing field in Sandy.

Healing Field flag display in West Dundee represents ‘nation of unity’
Wednesday’s intermittent rains caused a slight delay in the opening ceremony for the Memorial Healing Field flag tribute at Randall Oaks Park.

Fox Valley ceremonies mark anniversary of 9/11
The True Patriots Care Foundation will host a Healing Field flag display through Sunday, Sept. 11, at Randall Oaks Park, where 2,976 American Flags.

9/11 Memorial Healing Field
In Remembrance of September 11, 2001, Palm NorthWest Mortuary in Las Vegas honors the 2996 victims of 9/11 by displaying a flag for each of those who died in the attacks on Sep. 11, 2001

Ceremonies mark nation’s worst terrorist attack
Just yards from where 320 flags in the Field of Honor waved.

Murrieta Field of Honor to partner with Gary Sinise Foundation, expects new opening day events
The emotional field of American flags is returning to Murrieta, Nov. 5-12 in celebration of America’s heroes. For this year’s Field of Honor.

Photos: Healing Fields remember those lost on 9/11
The Exchange Club of Hanover 9/11 Healing field, place 3000 flags outside the West Manheim Elementary School. Around 170 volunteers gather to help out.


Healing field displays 3000 flags to honor 9/11 victims
“It gets very emotional when we do this. when you see the field go up and you come up over the hill and see the flags and everything.

Hanover-area Healing Field honors 9/11 victims
Shirley Colligan, of Hanover, Maryland, meandered around the 9/11 Healing Field, reading the tags on each flag and snapping photos with her iPad.

American flags planted at Tempe Beach Park 9/11 ‘Healing Field’

Photos: Healing Fields remember those lost on 9/11

Rochester groups honor victims, heroes from 9/11
On Blossom Road in Brighton, many people may have spotted The Field of Honor, which consists of hundreds of American flags spread out on the field.

Sept. 11 memorial: ‘Our generation’s Pearl Harbor’ (VIDEO)
For the past five years, a Healing Field has been erected on the grounds of the Prescott Valley Civic Center, featuring about 3,000 American flags.

NT ‘Healing Field’ honors those who have served, victims and first responders of 9/11
Over the weekend, the poles of the 3,000 flags that made up the healing field each displayed the name of an individual who died during the attacks on Sep. 11, 2001

Many remember 9/11 at NT’s healing field
Paul Battson/CONTRIBUTORA large American flag flies over the thousands of flags in the healing field in North Tonawanda for Sunday’s 9/11 commemoration.

NT Healing Fields honors veterans, Sept. 11 victims
Paul Battson/contributorRows and rows of American flags line Gratwick Riverside Park in North Tonawanda as part of the Healing Field honoring those that dies on Sep. 11,2001

9/11 Healing Field flag display opens Friday in Sandy
SANDY — More than 3,000 flags will fly in a solemn formation in front of City Hall, 10000 Centennial Parkway, honoring the victims of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Fox Valley ceremonies mark anniversary of 9/11
The True Patriots Care Foundation will host a Healing Field flag display through Sunday, Sept. 11, at Randall Oaks Park.

15th Annual Utah Healing Field Returns Sept. 9-11
15th Annual Utah Healing Field. This display has been a Sandy City tradition since 2002, the one-year anniversary of 9/11.

Local veteran remembers how 9/11 changed his life
Onesi will be the keynote speaker at 2 p.m. Sunday at North Tonawanda’s Healing Field, a weekend memorial that will install 3,000 U.S. flags.

Healing Field to display memorial of flags
Western New Yorkers can witness the area’s first Healing Field display of 3,000 flags in North Tonawanda’s Gratwick-Riverside Park this weekend.

The Healing Fields remembering 15 years since 9/11
The Exchange Club of Hanover’s Fifteen Year 9/11 Healing Field to honor all those who tragically lost their lives in the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.

Palms Northwest to honor 9/11 victims with ‘Healing Field’
The Healing Field will display 2,996 American flags, each representing a victim. Palm Northwest will also construct a wall of remembrance.

Palm Northwest “Healing Field” to honor 9/11 Victims
The Healing Field is a display program created by the Colonial Flag Foundation honoring, supporting, and memorializing the lives lost on 9/11.

Bill’s Newscast: Primary Voting is This Tuesday
The Prescott Valley Healing Field started in 2012 as a way to honor those who lost their lives in the 2001 terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center.

Exchange Club again to host ‘Field of Honor’
NEWBURYPORT — The Exchange Club of Greater Newburyport will present its seventh annual “Field of Honor” on the Bartlet Mall.

Utah’s Healing Field is Returning This September
A decade and a half have passed since the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The Utah Healing Field, for the 15th time, will be posting US flags.

9/11 anniversary to be marked with flag display in West Dundee
Observe next month’s anniversary with a Memorial Healing Field flag tribute. Flags can then be taken home and continue to be flown.

Locals help assemble flags for 9/11 Healing Field
The flags are meant to be placed on West Manheim Elementary School’s 15 Year 9/11 Healing Field, and each flag is supposed to represent a person who died in the attacks.

Imagine a sea of flags on waterfront for 15th anniversary of Sept. 11 attacks
9-11, in a “Healing Field” with 3,000 U.S. flags on display – Rochester has planned a 200 flag Healing Field event.

‘Healing field’ participants being sought
On Sept. 9, 3,000 American flags will be flown at Gratwick Riverside Park in North Tonawanda along the Niagara River.

165 Field of Honor flags given to local schools
The flags were used in this year’s Field of Honor at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum and were donated by the people who sponsored flags.

Healing Field’s 3000 flags remind us
Rows of flags blow in the wind on Sept. … Flags passionately waved. … as we gaze at the 3,000 flags flying proudly in their honor at the Healing Field.

Sesquicentennial in 2005 had many activities
A special event would be the candlelight vigil at 9 p.m. at the Healing Field flag disposal time at the Firemen’s Hall parking lot.

Volunteers, sponsors sought for Healing Field
Jared Sokolik, Boy Scout Troop 285, left; Bob Pecoraro, Healing Field committee Jared Sokolik, Boy Scout Troop 285, left; Bob Pecoraro.

Healing Field to remember Sept. 11 with flag display
Now, hundreds of Healing Field and Field of Honor displays are planned throughout the country for numerous reasons.

Volunteers needed for Healing Field event
The Exchange Club of Hanover is seeking volunteers to help with its 15th Annual 9/11 Healing Field Event to be held Sept. 9-17

Three-day tribute marks 9/11 memorial
This first Western New York ‘Healing Field’ is a memorial to those who have given their lives for our safety as well as in honor to those now serving.

The Field of Honor program is part of a national movement.

Mansfield flag display raises $30000 for veterans
MANSFIELD — A display of 300 U.S. flags that flew in the center of town during May and June did more than display pride in America and her military.

Celebrate our country, our freedom, & our nation’s 240th birthday
Beginning Sunday, June 26 through Monday, July 4, a “Field of Honor” will be on display on River Landing Drive.

American Flags fly high for Inaugural Field of Honor
DANIEL ISLAND, S.C. (WCBD) — The Daniel Island Exchange Club is hosting the Inaugural Field of Honor celebrating our hometown heroes.

Field of Honor celebration in Bedminster
A 7-foot tall Field of Honor, which is made up of 200 3′ X 5′ American Flags was on display Sunday in Bedminster. Since May 30, local residents

Field of Honor flags fly in Bedminster
American flags raise up as the wind blows and children play between the 200 flags on display in the Somerset county field.

Hundreds of flags to fly at Bedminster patriotic display
BEDMINSTER – On July 3, the Bedminster Charities organization is hosting a community picnic, featuring a Field of Honor display.

A patriotic picnic on tap in Bedminster
The Field of Honor display will honor America with 200 3-ft. by 5-ft. American flags in an arrangement that attendees can walk through.

Flag Day at the Field of Honor
Flag Day at the Field of Honor.

Field of Honor closes
Volunteers roll up the American flags flying at the Field of Honor.

Vintners win awards in Avenue Wine Shop contest
The Rotary Club of Jackson Township received the award for its Field of Honor/Field of Heroes project.

Bedminster’s Field Of Flags, Community Picnic To Honor Those Who Served
On Sunday, July 3, 200 three-foot-by-five-foot flags will cover River Road Park as part of a Field of Honor display.

Stars and Stripes, Cody style
help drive rebar into the ground for American flags to be placed upon during preparation for the fifth annualField of Honor on Saturday at City Park.

EDITORIAL: Field of Honor: Great event for all
The Field of Honor is now staged adjacent to the DeMaris House, which every day grows closer to truly becoming the Cody Heritage Museum – a …

Field of Honor
Firefighters from the Cody Volunteer Fire Department and community volunteers roll up the large American flag that flew during the opening ceremony …

Setting up the Flags
Volunteers (from left) Trudy Zaffarano-Anderson, Cynthia Connor and Les Clarke unfurl a few of the 625 American flags flying on the lawn of City Park, …

More than 1000 large American Flags pop-up in Danville
More than 1,000 large American Flags pop-up in Danville … So after months of hard work, the Rotary Club brought the Field of Honor to life in Danville.

2nd Annual “Field of Honor” set up in Danville
DANVILLE (WSLS10) – Danville’s Rotary Club is creating a “Field of Honor” for the 2nd year in a row. Companies in Danville sponsor American flags.

Healing Fields
The North Tonawanda Healing Field in Gratwick Riverside Park, will be filled with a display of beautiful 3×5-foot flags each on an eight-foot pole.

Cohasset reminded why we have Memorial Day
The parade came through the village a little after 11:00, after stopping at the Healing Field, North Cohasset Cemetery, North Cohasset honor roll.

Bittersweet duty: Taking down Eagle’s Field of Honor
The Eagle Field of Honor celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. For ten days each year, the annual display of American flags in Merrill Park.

Gold Star Father addresses Mansfield Memorial Day gathering
Veterans of Foreign War, the parade marshal, Mansfield Veterans Service Officer Michael Raymond, the Field of Honor Committee.

Field of Honor to go up again this year
The Danville Rotary Club and CIT prepare flags for the Field of Honor. … Rotary Club announced they will be doing a field of honor again this year.

Opening ceremonies kick off fifth Field on Honor on Sunday
The Field of Honor ceremony will include speakers such as Secretary of State Ed Murray.

Arcadia to unveil Vietnam War Monument Saturday
Two-year-old Miles Rios, of Arcadia, runs through the Field of Honor exhibit at Arcadia County Park on Thursday, May 25, 2016.

San Juan County events will mark Memorial Day
Healing Field: The field of flags has been set up since Friday morning outside the Boys and Girls Club of Farmington, located Sullivan Ave.

VIEW FROM THE FRONT PORCH: Shh! a time to remember and honor
As fun as the Memorial Day parade is, the most impressive part of Cohasset’s Memorial Day celebration is the of Honor Field of flags.

Rain didn’t stop Cohasset’s Memorial Day parade
The parade came through the village a little after 11:00 after stopping at the Healing Field, North Cohasset Cemetery.

Mansfield speaker: Nature’s ‘tears’ symbolize those who gave their lives for freedom
After the ceremony, some in the crowd drove over to the Mansfield Field of Honor, where about 300 flags were placed on the South Common.

Healing Field returns to Farmington
Community members can purchase flags in the field or dogtags to hang on flags during the three-day event known as the Healing Field.

San Juan County events will mark Memorial Day
Healing Field: The field of flags has been set up since Friday morning outside the Boys and Girls Club of Farmington, located Sullivan Ave.

Aurora City Council honors Memorial Day Parade grand marshal
Weisner pointed out that Roscoe was instrumental in bringing the Vietnam Moving Wall and Field of Honor to Aurora several years ago.

Wilson Memorial Day Ceremony
May 27-30th: Healing Field of Flags – American Legion Tyler Caters Post 281 and West Wilson County Exchange Club are hosting.

Mt. Juliet flags honor fallen soldiers, loved ones
Edward Wester saluted as volunteer Jeff Cordum tied a yellow ribbon around a flagpole, one of hundreds for sale during the 4th Annual Field of Honor

Lebanon veteran hikes to honor fallen soldiers
Cody Woelke will hike from the Wilson County Veterans Memorial to the fourth annual Field of Honor flag sale in Mt. Juliet to raise awareness.

What is Memorial Day. Walk the “Healing Field” and learn.
For the eighth year, the Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club is offering our community the Flags of Remembrance Healing Field.

Paying tribute: 1000 flag salute to past and present American veterans
The rows of banners are part of the Charlestown Retirement Community’s ‘Field of Honor’.

Volunteers plant more than 400 American flags for “Field of Honor” display
In honor of Memorial Day, the local Knights of Columbus council is hosting its first “Field of Honor” display. It will be a part of a much larger Memorial.

American flags aplenty at Titan Field of Honor in observance of Memorial Day
When some members of the Gadsden City High School Fine Arts Department came up with the idea to honor American service members.

Jackson trustees approve temporary road closures for Night Glow Run
REMINDERS: Field of Honor/Field of Heroes is May 27-30 at the Safety Center. Safety Village is scheduled for 8:45 a.m. to noonJune 6-10.

What’s going on? May 30
Fifth annual Field of Honor/Field of Heroes: through 8 p.m. at Township Safety Center, 7383 Fulton Drive NW, Jackson Township.

Field of Honor/Field of Heroes honors fallen veterans
JACKSON TWP. Memorial Day weekend was on full display in Jackson Township with more than 1,000 flags posted.

Field of Heroes
Eric Albrecht | Columbus Dispatch The 2016 version of the Field of Heroes features over 3,000 flags and new addition of 4,600 ceramic poppies.

More than 1000 flags flying at the Field of Honor at Freeman Park
People can sponsor a flag for $30 to honor a hero. Proceeds from donations go to help local veterans, their families, victims of child abuse…

Idaho Falls commemorate Vietnam veterans through Field of Honor Memorial
Many Vietnam Veterans say they weren’t welcomed back as heroes when they returned from the war.

Numerous services held in honor of Memorial Day
Several Memorial Day services were held Monday to honor all the men and women service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Field of Flags honor America’s fallen heroes in Mooresville
Some in Mooresville are doing their part by placing flags on the grassy fields at the Lowe’s YMCA as a tribute to our past and present American heroes.

Memorial Day happenings in Iredell County
In Mooresville, the Field of Flags presentation by the Mooresville Exchange Club began Friday and continues through Monday.

Honoring military heroes in San Juan Field of Honor
Edward Timmerman, an honor scout with the Order of the Arrow, helps place one of 300 flags in Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano.

What’s going on for May 25
Fifth annual Field of Honor/Field of Heroes: 10 a.m. at Jackson Township Safety Center, 7383 Fulton Drive NW, Jackson Township.

A Field of Honor in IF
Up to 1,000 American flags are flown at Freeman Park.

 Poppies join flags as signs of honor
This year’s Field of Heroes in Westerville, the flags will be joined by 4,600 ceramic poppies.

Mt. Juliet flag display moved to Memorial Day
The 4th Annual Field of Honor is held by the West Wilson Exchange Club and American Legion Tyler Cates Post 281.

Flags fill healing field for Memorial Day in Mt. Juliet
A healing field of American flags fills one acre at the corner of Mt. Juliet Road.

Raymond on the job for Mansfield veterans
“I’ve received so much help from everyone: civic groups, the VFW, the Elks, and the staff of the Field of Honor.

MURRIETA: Rotary Club invites nominations for ‘Hero’ honors
MURRIETA – The Rotary Club of Murrieta is inviting nominations of “heroes” who will be honored during the 2016 Murrieta Field of Honor week.

Preview of events for Cohasset Memorial Day activities
In addition to the formal Memorial Day events, the Healing Field will be open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. through June 4th. The flags were installed on May 21st.

Flags wave in veterans’ honor at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum
American flags are displayed during the opening ceremony of the N.C. Field of Honor. Each year, 10 flags are dedicated, honoring specific soldiers.

Fayetteville Honors SOF K9s Killed In Action at Memorial Day Ceremony
The “K9 Field of Honor” surrounds the statue during “Field of Honor.”

Monday Moment: Women in WWII get their due
The stories of the women celebrated in a small, understated memorial just a few dozen yards from the field of flags are often overlooked, Bleazey says.

Hundreds of flags fly for our veterans
“This field of 600 flags is such a special place. it’s a healing place, an opportunity for you to walk through and think of those comrades that didn’t come home.

Eagle celebrates 10th anniversary of ‘Field of Honor’
EAGLE, Idaho (KBOI) — For Armed Forces Day, there was a special ceremony in Eagle celebrating the city’s Field of Honor.

Flags fly to honor those who serve
American flags – 1,776 of them, to be exact – are lining the walkways of Newport.

Memorial Day weekend happenings
MURFREESBORO — Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club’s Healing Field — Flags of Remembrance will open Saturday.

300 flags salute veterans at Mansfield’s Field of Honor
The annual Field of Flags set up in Mansfield was put up over the weekend and will be on display until June 18.

Memorial Day: List of 26 area events
Fifth annual Field of Honor/Field of Heroes, Friday through May 30, Jackson Township Safety Center at Fulton Drive NW and Wales Avenue NW.

Convoy escorts 9/11 artifacts to Huntington
Healing fields are large tracts of land covered in American flags in memory of the victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Cohasset Activity Schedule
Cohasset Announces Memorial Day activity schedule

Senior PGA Championship to introduce new on-course attractions
Field of Flags: Between holes 7, 8 and 9 in Jean Klock Park, spectators can view the Field of Flags.

Retire your torn or weathered American Flag at the Healing Field
Mike Benzy with Boy Scout Troop 538 told WGNS that they will be conducting a flag retirement ceremony at the Healing Field.

Free concert showcased during Operation: Flags of Freedom
The fifth annual Field of Honor/Field of Heroes is May 27 through 30 at the Jackson Township Safety Center along Fulton Drive NW and Wales Avenue

Jackson Township Trustees: May 10 meeting
REMINDERS Field of Honor/Field of Heroes is May 27-30 at the Safety Center.

Bedminster Charities kicks off July 3Field of Honors Tribute during Memorial Day Parade
Proceeds from the Field of Honor Tribute will benefit the Food Bank Network of Somerset County.

Veterans to be honored at Field of Flags Memorial Day celebration
The Field of Flags, a special Memorial Day celebration, is being presented by both the morning and evening.

Memorial Day activity schedule
Cohasset announces Memorial Day activity schedule

How Can I Help?
Healing Field volunteers. MURFREESBOROThe Noon Exchange Club is seeking volunteers for this year’s Healing Field.

Healing Fields in Murfreesboro this May
On May 28th through the 30th, the Non Exchange Club in Murfreesboro will host the 8th Annual Healing Fields Flags of Remembrance event

Exchange Club of Naperville hosts ‘One Nation Under God’ Breakfast
Positively Naperville
Exchangite Emcee Marty Walker, a retired firefighter, chairman of the 2015 Healing Field of Honor

Sidney parks benefit the community’s youth
Sidney Daily News (subscription)
An event which brought many people to Sidney was the return of the Field of Flags and the Vietnam Memorial Wall to Custenborder Fields.

Mansfield seeking sponsors for Field of Honor
The Sun Chronicle
The Mansfield Field of Honor is seeking event sponsors and individual donors who would like to erect a flag in the name of a veteran, first responders

Third annual Field of Honor® at Merced College
Merced Sun-Star
A photo of United States Air Force veteran Jon W. Galloway, hangs from a flag placed in his honor at the third annual Field of Honor®

Naperville’s replica Vietnam Wall honors ‘vets and their sacrifice’
Chicago Tribune
Rotary Hill in Naperville once again provided a stunning backdrop Saturday morning for the Healing Field® of Honor.

A hero’s field in Dennis
Wicked Local Dennis
For the third year in a row Johnny Kelly Park will host the Field of Honor®, a display of American flags that honors veterans

How Naperville’s Healing Field® for veterans come to life
Chicago Daily Herald

Printing company creating Vietnam wall replica for Naperville display
Chicago Daily Herald
Blooming Color Partner Ray Kinney of Naperville came up with the idea of printing the city’s own Vietnam Wall

Marine Week Phoenix honors September 11
Hi-Desert Star
The Healing Field® is an annual gathering held by the Tempe Exchange Club.

Thousands of American Flags form Healing Field® in Sandy on September 11
Thousands of American flags sit in front of Sandy City Hall, transforming a grass field into a Healing Field®, where the community can pay tribute

Valley vet remembers 9/11 at Healing Field®
KPHO Phoenix
America paid a somber remembrance on the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. In Tempe, nearly 3,000 flags planted in a Healing Field®

ROTC students help plant 9/11 Healing Field® Memorial
Arizona State University
Staff sergeant Brandon Smart (center) helps put up stakes to set up 2,977 flags that will make up the 12th annual Healing Field® memorial.

Sandy City’s Healing Field® Ready to Rise Again

1000 flags featured at Field of Honor® this week
Montana Standard

Climbing Stairs, Hoping to Help and Honor Featured
Prescott eNews
The morning started off with the blessing of the Healing Field® at the Prescott Valley Civic center, where 3000 flags are set up for the victims of 9/11.

Flag field coming to Tempe Beach Park
East Valley Tribune
The Exchange Club of Tempe and The Valley of the Sun Exchange Clubs Foundation will be hosting its 12 annual Healing Field® tribute.

Things to do on September 11
Prescott Daily Courier

Wall, flags evoke deep feelings
Sidney Daily News

Field of Honor® to recognize local ‘golden deeds’
The Daily News of Newburyport

Plans Underway for Field of Honor®
Sawyer County Record

Newburyport News in Brief
The Daily News of Newburyport
The Exchange Club of Greater Newburyport has begun selling flags for its annual Field of Honor® in September.

50-Day Launch to ’50 Years of Healing’
Positively Naperville
The slow slope of Rotary Hill provides a spectacular setting for a field of American flags.

Field of Honor® raises $12500 for Mansfield veterans
Wicked Local Easton
A “giant effort” on the part of Mansfield Field of Honor® committee. The group sold more than 200 American flags Memorial Day.

Field of Honor® to open in City Park
Cody Enterprise
American flags will fly June 14-20 at City Park and along Sheridan Ave.

Flags fly by King Memorial Bridge to honor local heroes
A field of American flags is springing up in the empty field next to the King Memorial Bridge in honor of all local veterans and first responders.

Memorial Day: Remembering those who served
Massillon Independent
More than 1,000 flags decorating the lawn of the Jackson Township Safety Center during the fourth annual Field of Honor®/Field of Heroes

Cohasset observes Memorial Week
Wicked Local Cohasset
Last Saturday, the Sons of the American Legion rallied to assemble the Healing Field® at the harbor across from Post 118.

Holder: ‘That flag…don’t mess with it’
The Daily News Journal
J.C., whom I met at the Healing Field® in Murfreesboro. A veteran, he volunteered to stay at the field through the night, every night, guarding these flags.

Field of Heroes: Soldiers remembered in Jackson Township memorial
19 Action News
A sea of flags wave in the “Field of Heroes” in Jackson Township.

Healing Field of Honor returning to North Kingsville for sixth year
The Star Beacon
U.S. FLAGS set in perfect symmetry form the Healing Field of Honor, a tribute to military personnel and first-responders.

More than 250 flags to be part of Mansfield Field of Honor
Wicked Local Easton
Mansfield Field of Honor organizers hoped to sell 100 American flags by Memorial Day to honor local veterans. Instead, more than 200 flags have been sold.

Patriotism gets a helping hand
Prescott Daily Courier
“We get donations (for the Healing Field® event), and we have enough for the field right now,” she said, so they were able to devote funds to buying flags for the fire departments”.

North Buncombe band headed to Pearl Harbor parade
Asheville Citizen-Times
They collected scrap metal and sold flags during a May Field of Honor® event — all leading to the Hawaii trip.

Veterans honored at the Healing Field®
Chicago Tribune
One thousand U.S. flags ripple in the brisk morning breeze on a football field at Metea Valley High School in Aurora, Ill

Field of Honor® pays tribute to area veterans
In fact, there were 1,000 of them blowing in the breeze on Saturday as part of the Quincy Exchange Club’s Field of Honor®

Healing Field inspires reflection at Metea
Chicago Daily Herald
Metea Valley High School in Aurora is hosting a Healing Field® until Veterans Day with 1,000 flags to honor those who have served.

Metea Valley High School Honors US Veterans with The Healing Field
Chicago Tribune
1,000 American flags fly in honor of our veterans at MVHS from November 4-11. The community is invited to purchase a flag in honor of loved ones.

13th Annual Healing Field® in Sandy UT
Deseret News

Field of Honor® – Cody, Wy

American flags fly in honor of military members at Castaways Park
Daily Pilot

Annual Field of Honor – Opening Ceremony is May 10
Fayetteville Observer
The annual Field of Honor is on display as hundreds of American flags are added to the front lawn of the Airborne & Special Operations Museum

Field of Flags will honor veterans
Honoring America’s Flag. This is the second year this event has been conducted.

Kaneland High School to host Healing Field
Elburn Herald
The Healing Field will take place Friday, May 23, until Tuesday, May 27

Flags support Heritage Museum
Cody Enterprise
Marge Wilder, president of the Cody Heritage Museum Board, recently receives a check for $20,000 from the Field of Honor Committee

Thousand flags coming to Merced College Merced Sun-Star
The first “Field of Honor” is planned Nov. 3-11, recognizing veterans, active duty military and first responders.

Child advocacy center receives $5000 donation
(WEAU) – A child advocacy center will be able to build a new bathroom thanks to the fundraising efforts from the Field of Honor.

2013 Field of Flags honor those who serve
Muncie Free Press
MUNCIE, IN – Navy veteran Dave Bantz is one of those people who honors the flag and understands the meaning of war. “I believe in war if it is a reason to control those who take anyway our freedom,” said Bantz, who served in Korea.

Utah Healing Field Memorial honors 9/11 victims
Utah Healing Field Memorial honors 9/11 victims. SANDY, Utah (ABC 4 Utah) – Rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of people who attended the Utah Healing Field 9/11 Memorial Wednesday evening.

Bell tower honors veterans, loved ones
Hunting Herald Dispatch
The Spring Hill Cemetery Memorial Bell, Tower which has been more that 13 years in the making, was dedicated during a sunset-lit ceremony in conjunction with Huntington’s Healing Field and national Patriot Day at the cemetery.

Memorial events in Valley salute 9/11’s fallen
Arizona Republic

Flags fly for those who sacrificed
The Daily News of Newburyport
NEWBURYPORT — A man made sea of red, white and blue flowed across the Bartlet Mall.

Photo gallery: Healing Field display remembers 9/11
Deseret News
The Healing Field Flag Display is up and waving on the grass promenade south of Sandy City Hall

Tempe Beach Park’s Healing Field remembers 9/11 victims
TEMPE — Nearly 3,000 American flags have been placed throughout Tempe Beach Park

Prescott Valley Tribune

Flags to fly Saturday at completed Healing Field

North Kingsville to again host Healing Field display

The Star Beacon – Large section of Greenlawn Memory Gardens in North Kingsville will be awash in red, white and blue in a few weeks when the Healing Field of Honor makes …

PV councilwoman announces plans for 2nd Healing Field®

Prescott Daily Courier – Town Councilwoman Mary Mallory announced plans Thursday for the second Healing Field honoring the victims of Sept.

Texas City Healing Field® brings home the impact of drunken driving
Houston Chronicle – For the last few years, Jeff Kaufman has been helping the Bay Area Council on Drugs and Alcohol set up the sea of flags it displays for its annual Healing Field® presentation. “I have very mixed feelings when I work with them,” said Kaufman, who helps

Flags fly to commemorate victims of drunk driving
TEXAS CITY, Texas – A Texas City field is filled with flags this week. But all the red, white and blue has nothing to do with patriotism.

Field of Honor® marks Veterans Day in Naperville
Visitors can express patriotism, gratitude for troops

Veterans Day memorial ceremony draws crowd to Rotary Hill
Threatening skies couldn’t keep a crowd of about 750 people from turning out for Naperville’s Veterans Day

Murrieta Field of Honor® Celebrates Local Heroes
Murrieta’s fourth annual Field of Honor® at Town Square Park kicked off Sunday.

Healing Field® wraps up Sept. 11
HUNTINGTON — The Healing Field® at Spring Hill Cemetery will conclude with a somber ceremony of remembrance at 6:30 p.m. on Patriot Day, Tuesday, Sept. 11.

Hayward-Lac Courte Oreilles Healing Field® signifies strength, common ground
The Hayward area will soon have its first Healing Field® when the Boys and Girls Club of Lac Courte Oreilles hosts the Hayward-Lac Courte Oreilles Healing Field® flag display to pay tribute to the strength and common ground of the community.

‘Field of Honor® spurs the emotion of a community
A lone flag fluttering in the breeze can stir the emotions. A field of 500 flags, fluttering in unison, can stir a community.

Carpentersville wins state awards for patriotic projects
Carpentersville has secured not one, but two Governor’s Hometown Awards for a pair of events related to the 2001 terrorist attacks.

Prescott Valley Healing Field marks fateful date
The First Annual Healing Field® touches hearts in Prescott Valley, AZ

Tempe’s Healing Field memorial honors 9/11 victims
Volunteers set up nearly 3,000 American flags Sunday morning for the annual Healing Field® memorial in Tempe

Club hands out $42K to Non-Profits
The Butte Exchange Club’s second Field of Honor® raised $42,000 this year — $2,000 more than the inaugural event last year.

Flag for Chief Segars, Healing Field® in Questa
Memorial Day 2012, Healing Field® in Questa, NM. An American flag flies in the Vietnam section for Chief David Segars, US Navy Veteran. Rest in Peace, David. …

Heroes on display in Jackson Township
Heroes on display in Jackson Township. …

Bills Daily Newscast: Roadwork and Flags
From Road work to flags the Yavapai County continues to advance. …

‘Field of Honor®’ in Cody
In early June volunteers gathered to post 800 hundred United States flags for Cody’s Field of Honor® flag display hosted by the Cody Heritage Museum. …

‘Field of Honor®’ next week in Cody
No fewer than 800 American flags will fly June 11-17 at the Park County Complex on Stampede Avenue. …

Honor your hero This Memorial Day
The fourth annual Healing Field® – Flags of Remembrance will take place Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28, and is presented by the Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club. …

Heroes honored at Memorial Day ceremonies
Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember those who’ve made the supreme sacrifice, and so at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, an annual Memorial Day program will be held at Stones River National Battlefield. …

Memorial Day parades and ceremonies
Starts at 10 a.m. Monday at the Early Childhood Center, 1 Ralph Hamlin Lane. After turning onto Washington Street, the marchers will proceed to the war monument and memorial, where services will be held. …

Community memorial born of unflagging effort
A Memorial Day tradition in Westerville started as a spark in the mind of a Rotary Club member. …

Supervisors agree to help fund Healing Field® flag project
The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors agreed Monday to throw $1,000 behind a 9/11 memorial flag project in Prescott Valley but tabled a proposal to support a historic preservation conference to be held in Prescott. …

NC Field of Honor salutes soldiers and veterans
The North Carolina Field of Honor® will open after a dedication ceremony on the parade grounds of the Airborne and Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville Saturday at 11 a.m. …

Remembering their service — and their sacrifice
You are invited to attend Memorial Day services at the Victory Union Cemetery at 9:30 a.m. Monday, May 28. …

Honor your hero This Memorial Day
The fourth annual Healing Field® – Flags of Remembrance will take place Memorial Day weekend, May 26-28, and is presented by the Murfreesboro Noon Exchange Club. …

More than a display of flags
For the fourth year, more than 2,500 American flags will fill the Westerville Sports Complex to honor military and personal heroes on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-28. …

Walgreens clerk proud of year as American
Their flag, one of many Memorial Day Field of Honor® flags sponsored for any good reason, recognized her family’s US citizenship, while neighboring flags honored a person, persons or cause. Some were sponsored as simply “Anonymous.” …

Field of Honor® Pays Tribute to Past and Present Veterans
Hundreds showed up Saturday to walk among the rows of full-sized Old Glory prominently displayed on the Airborne & Special Operations Museum’s parade field …

Field of Honor® opens at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum
More than 900 American flags lining the parade field at the Airborne & Special Operations Museum honor those who served, those still serving, those who sacrificed their lives and those still missing …

Flags to fly in honor of heroes
The pathway to healing and hope will be outlined in red, white and blue later this month. Nearly 1000 US flags will be planted in the township Safety Center’s front lawn during the Memorial Day weekend, May 25 to 28, as part of the inaugural Field of …

Field of Honor® planned for Eagle
The sixth annual Field of Honor® will be hosted by the City of Eagle. It will be held from May 19th through the 29th at Merrill Park. Flags may be purchased for $30 dollars per flag …

Lonestar Frontman to Lead Healing Field® Closing Ceremonies
Richie McDonald, lead singer of the band Lonestar, will be performing during the closing ceremonies for the Healing Field® – Flags of Remembrance, on Memorial Day, May 28 …

Order flags for Cohasset Field of Honor®
Wicked Local Cohasset
For $25 individual flags may be sponsored in memory of family or friends honored. Checks should be made payable to the Sons of the American Legion with a …

Flags to cover Park County Complex June 11
Cody Enterprise
The grounds of the Park County Complex on Stampede Avenue will be the site of Wyoming’s first “Field of Honor®” display June 11-17. Hundreds of American …

Field of Honor® – Proud to be an American
St. Mary’s Bryantown School is hosting the Second Annual, Field of Honor, a very special community event. The Field of Honor® is not only a tribute to our Veterans, but also…

‘Field of Heroes’ coming to Jackson
Canton Repository
The lawn across from the Safety Center will be turned into a “Field of Heroes” this Memorial Day weekend. The Rotary Club of Jackson Township is organizing an event that will display as many as 1000 American flags, each flying from …

Billings Healing Field® to remember 9/11
KTVQ Billings News
The Healing Field® hosted by Billings Exchange Clubs for the second year in a row to reflect on the attacks that changed our lives 10 years ago this weekend. Flags can be seen on the campus of MSU B’s College of Technology. The 3 X5″, 8ft tall flags are …

West Michigan Healing Field® now open
Wood TV8
As the nation prepares to remember the somber anniversary of 9/11, there is a local place where you can honor the victims of those terrorist attacks.

Photos: Tempe Healing Field® – 9/11 survivor shares her powerful story
It’s called the Healing Field® and it is a sight to see. Eight years ago, there were about 40 volunteers setting up those flags. Friday morning, some 200 people gathered at Tempe Beach Park to plant the 8-foot tall flags, each one with a card carrying a …

Making a place of remembrance
Northwest Herald
The flags, neatly erected in rows, make up a 9/11 Memorial Healing Field®, and each one represents someone who died as a result of the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. The flags were obtained, assembled and set up by volunteers led by Christopherson …

Hanover Exchange Club to host events this weekend to mark Sept. 11
Gettysburg Times
The Exchange Club of Hanover will host a 10-year 9/11 Memorial Healing Field® from Sept. 9-12, at the West Manheim Elementary School, 2400 Baltimore Pike, Hanover. The event will feature 3000 3- by 5- foot. American flags on 8-foot poles to commemorate …

‘Healing Field®’ ceremony honors 9/11 victims
Elmira Star-Gazette
A “Healing Field®” opening ceremony will be held at 6:30 pm today on the St. Mary Our Mother Church property on Westinghouse Road in Horseheads. The Healing Field® is a national effort to remember the victims and heroes of Sept. …

9/11: ‘Healing Field®’ in Tempe spurs recovery, reflection
In Tempe, the focus will be on healing. For the eighth year, a Healing Field® will be set up at Tempe Beach Park, featuring 3000 full-size American flags and placards with information on each victim of the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. …

Feature photos: Exchange Club post flags in the Healing Field®
Billings Gazette
Members of the Breakfast Exchange Club post flags in the Healing Field® on the Montana State University College of Technology campus early Thursday, September 8, 2011. The location will be the site of a dedication of the 9-11 memorial on Sunday at 2 pm …

Healing Field® Reminds Billings of 9/11
By Kenneth Wong BILLINGS – A field of red, white, and blue aims to remind Billings residents on the horrors of Sept. 11th. This is the second year for the Billings Healing Field®, and this is the first time the Healing Field® display was hosted on the …

Healing Field®
The Rockford Area Community Endowment hosts the 2011 West Michigan Healing Field®, a 9/11 flag memorial where you will behold a beautiful display of 3200 US flags. This display of heroism will fly as a temporary patriotic tribute to the …

9/11 Remembrances Begin Around The Area
1330 WFIN
One of the regions largest tributes, the Findlay Healing Field® Memorial, will open tonight. Findlay Mayor Pete Sehnert will give his opening remarks at 6 pm The Healing Field® will be located at St. John?s Evangelical Lutheran Church on Tiffin Avenue.

Carpentersville’s Healing Field® Opens Today
This year’s field will have 2976 flags flying in Carpenter Park, 122 Carpenter Blvd. Healing Field® 2011-Carpentersville was organized by the Patriot Committee, a group of local volunteers whose mission is to provide resources and promote the vision …

Sept. 11 events in York County
York Daily Record
TEN YEAR 9/11 HEALING FIELD®, West Manheim Elementary School, 2000 Baltimore Pike, Hanover, 633-4890, noon Friday to noon Monday. Event will consist of 3000 3 ft. by 5 ft. flags. Current plans call for the flags to be set up starting at noon on Friday, …

NY Ladder 20 firefighter remembers 9/11
Almost 10 years later, he spent the day at the Healing Field® in Bryant in Jay County. There was a group of school-aged children at the Healing Field Wednesday. His message to them and others is to never take life for granted. …

Brent Hunsaker’s Reporter notebook – Healing from 9/11
ABC 4 (blog)
For ten years now, the Healing Field® in Sandy has remembered those killed on September 11th. Other cities have also developed their own Healing Field® with the help of the Colonial Flag Foundation. It is now an important part of remembrances nationwide. …

Utah sculptor memorializes hope in 9/11 tribute
Deseret News
With his 9/11 sculpture to be unveiled at the 10th annual Utah Healing Field® Memorial, Watts’ tribute to the tragedy does not speak to the despair of what was lost that fateful September day, but rather to the hope of what can be, and what is. …

NY Ladder 20 Firefighter remembers 9/11
NY Ladder 20 firefighter, Bob Barrett, speaks with school-aged children at the Healing Field® in Bryant, Ind. about 9/11.

Healing Field® assembled at Cannonsburg Ski Area
The tenth anniversary of the September 11th attacks is this Sunday and West Michigan will remember with a special display called the Healing Field®. Tuesday night dozens of volunteers began assembling 3200 flags. Each flag represents a life lost …

Local events to mark 10th anniversary of 9/11 attacks
Muncie Star Press
The World Trade Center Traveling Memorial will be at Bearcreek Farms in Bryant Thursday through Sunday as part of a nine-day event called Midwest America Healing Field®. The Healing Field®, which began Sept. 2, is a display of about 2000 American flags …

Area September 11 anniversary events
FOX Toledo Online
The Findlay Exchange Club will be host to a 9/11 Healing Field® flag memorial where you will behold a beautiful display of hundreds of US flags. These 3ft X 5ft flags will stand 8 ft tall in perfect rows. This living display of heroism will fly as a …

Healing Field® returns to Billings for 9/11
Billings Gazette
Kris Koessl, right, and Rod Ostermiller set up a booth selling flags for the 9/11 Healing Field® at the Burn the Point car show at MetraPark on Saturday. The Healing Field®, featuring 1000 American flags, will be on display at the Montana State …

Healing Field® to help teach about 9/11
This year, his students are set to visit the West Michigan Healing Field®, a transformed Cannonsburg Ski Area where thousands of flags will represent the lives lost. Biographies will be attached to each flag. Organizers with the Healing Field®, …

Healing Field® honors victims of 9/11
East Valley Tribune
His inspiration is the response from visitors each year who come to visit the Healing Field®. “I got involved about three years ago as a volunteer to help set up,” Poisson said. “I heard they needed volunteers. Once I did it once, and it is extremely …

Visitors remember 9/11 at Healing Field®
BRYANT, Ind. – The Midwest American Healing Field® has had a great turnout, since it opened on Friday. The Healing Field® is located east of Bryant, in Jay County. It honors those who lost their lives on 9/11, and all the service men and women who …

Weather Delays Trail Dedication
In addition to the dedication, the Healing Field® is a temporary tribute to those who died on 9/11. The field includes 3000 flags to honor the lives lost in the terrorist attacks. For more information visit Paul Ambrose Trail. …

Volunteers prepare flags for Healing Field® 9/11 Memorial
Chicago Sun-Times
The flags will be part of the 10th anniversary Healing Field® in Carpentersville. | Andrew A. Nelles~For Sun-Times Media | CARPENTERSVILLE — Dozens of volunteers gathered outside of Otto Engineering on Sunday to assemble some 1300 American flags in …v