Aurora, IL ~ Healing Field® 2013

November 3-13, 2013

Two thousand and thirteen United States flags will stand posted in an unforgettable formation at West Aurora High School this coming November.  The Aurora Healing Field® display of the Stars and Stripes is a central part of a ten daylong event honoring our nation’s veterans which will also bring The Moving Wall™ a half-size replica of the Vietnam Memorial to an adjoining grassy field at the high school.  Replicas of other memorials found at the Washington, D.C. National Mall will honor the veterans of World War II and Korea.  In a true collaborative effort, Larry Eckhardt—known as the Flagman—will bring his two thousand flags to line miles of streets and roads leading to West Aurora High School.  The enormous sacrifice of United States veterans motivates to honor them and to remember their service.   West Aurora High School demonstrates that their students, faculty and administrators take this charge seriously as they produce an event worthy of the men and women who have sacrificed and died to preserve our freedom.

Walk with us through the moving thousands of U.S. flags that will draw the Aurora Community together in an awe-inspiring tribute to America’s veterans.

 PLEASE NOTE: All sponsored flags will be shipped directly to host committee. 
         Disregard standardized message on receipt, "order shipped" 
       Flags available for pickup or direct shipping after the event

Benefiting Charities:
West Aurora High School Patriotism
Hosted By:
West Aurora High School
Local Organizing Committee:
Project Chair – Rudy Keller
Secretary/Communications- Eve Willimann
Fundraiser Chair – Rudy Keller
Volunteer Chair – Whitney Martino
Field Coordinator Chair – Liz Wendel
Program Chair – Todd Mielcarz
PR Chair – Eve Willmann

3 Comments for this entry

    Kim Keierleber
    October 5th, 2013 on 4:40 pm

    I dedicated this flag in honor of my father William Koch who lived most of his life in Aurora. He served as a 1st lieutenant in WW ll and flew on the B17. His plane was shot down and he was a prisoner he was released by Patton and returned home. I realize now how brave he was and only wish I told him so. Thank you for letting me honor him in such a beautiful way. Kim

    Mary Ellen Sheehan
    November 8th, 2013 on 3:42 pm

    Thurs morning saw wall arrive with daughter-in-law Jane and grandson Liam.Jane was determined for us to see this event and honor my brother. Staff Sgt Robert William Ryan served 3 tours in Viet Nam. 2 of them in place of his younger brothers. He died June 1st 1989 in Erie Penn. God Bless him and God bless America. Mary Ellen Sheehan Row 8 Flag 31

    Patty Jaquez
    November 8th, 2013 on 7:04 pm

    I attended the Opening Ceremoney this morning and was quite moved. I had cousins who served in Vietnam and can still remember as a little girl attending the “Welcome Home” party although I must admit I didn’t quite understand it all. My father, Tony Ochoa, served in the United States Air Force as a Radio Operator in the Korean War. He was proud of serving his country and I loved hearing his stories. So proud to live in this country with such fine young men and women serving to protect our freedoms each and every day.